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On this page is a collection of the most important articles that I have written so far. All of it is the content that can also be found in the blog section, and categorized under different categories.


Meditation and Practices

Preparing for Meditation
Preparing a Place for Spiritual Practices
Spiritual Practices and Times of Day
The Purpose and Importance of Meditation
A Simple Yet Powerful Meditation of Mindfulness
Using Meditation for Receiving or Arriving to Answers
Meditative Visualization: A Journey Through our Solar System
Koan Meditation for Silencing the Mind
Looking into Past Lives for Knowledge and Motivation
A Practice Connecting to Beings of Light
Exercise of Retrospection – A Powerful Tool That Can Change Your Life
How To Lift Yourself Up When Feeling Low
Samael Aun Weor’s Mirror Practice to Strengthen Your Soul
A Powerful Mantra for Clairvoyance and Developing the Heart
Transmutation of Sexual Energies with Mantras
Looking into Past Lives for Knowledge and Motivation
A Meditation Approach for Conversing With Your Atman


Astral Travel, Dreams, and Higher Dimensions

Deep States of Relaxation: Their Spiritual and Physical Benefits
The Dream Types and Dream Guidance in the Gnostic Work
Is Fearing and Avoiding Astral Realms Necessary?
Transformative Effects of Out of Body Experiences
Is Spiritual Work a Criteria for Astral Travel?
Increasing Chances for Astral Projection: Learning to Have Consistent Out of Body Experiences (1/3)
Having More and Better Quality Astral Experiences (Part Two)
Astral Travel Training: Tips that Increase Chances for OBE (Part 3/3)
Spiritual Protection in the Astral Plane (Part I)
Spiritual Protection in the Astral Plane (Part II)
Myths about Astral Travel
Potentials of Astral Travel
Astral Projection or Lucid Dreaming: Which one to Choose
 Mantras for Astral Projection



Esoteric Teachings and Insights 

The Spiritual Path to Awakening
The Wheel of Samsara, and the Purpose of Human Life
“Watch and Pray” – A Gnostic Meaning Behind Jesus’s Words
The Spiral and the Direct Path on the Journey to Final Liberation
Mythological Symbolism of the Great Work: The Hero’s Journey Towards the Source
Five Aspects of Divine Mother
Winter Solstice and the Birth of Christ Within
The Way of Nature and the Way of Spirit
From Unreal to Real, From Darkness to Light
Tendency to Equate Angels With Humans
 “Do not resist evil” in the Light of the Gnostic-Esoteric Teachings
The Spiral and the Direct Path on the Journey to Final Liberation
Reflection on the Four Noble Truths in the Light of Gnosis
The Complete Spiritual Awakening as the Highest Purpose of Life
The Power of Prayer and the Esoteric Forces Behind It


Spiritual development

A Deeper Meaning Behind “Expansion of Consciousness”
Why Orgasms are so Spiritually Harmful
Significant Spiritual Level Means Access to Psychic Perceptions?
How to Measure Spiritual Progress
Is Environment Important when Searching for Truth?
The Necessity of Having Fixed Spiritual Goals
Hardships and Difficulties while doing the Gnostic Work
Self-Discipline and its Relation to Spiritual Progress
Postponing the Inner Work
Looking for Spirituality and Guru in the East
How Much More until Enlightenment?
Silence, Solutions, and Divine Wisdom
Sexual Energy in the Spiritual Esoteric Work
Importance of Being Surrounded With Things of High Nature
Spiritual Ways to Dealing With Worry
The Power of the Heart and Its Guidance in Life
The Value of Patience on the Gnostic Path
Group Mentality in Spirituality and its Traps
Helping Yourself Spiritually Before Helping Others
The Benefits of Spiritual Retreats: How Reflection in Nature Helps the Inner Work
Releasing Karma Through Repentance and Forgiveness
How to Raise your Vibration in a Deep and Permanent Way
Signs of the Awakening of Kundalini and its Six Mystical States
Attainment of Siddhis (Spiritual Powers) is Not Priority of the Inner Work
Creating a Sacred Space as a Help for Your Inner Work


Esoteric Psychology

Mental and Emotional Hygiene in Daily Living
Why to Avoid Feeding Your Psyche with Low Impressions
Spiritualizing Lust: A Dangerous Trap in Alchemical and Overall Gnostic Work
How To Experience and Feel Your Consciousness
Can Spiritual Practice Help us to Have No Thoughts?
Could We Function In This World Without our Egos?
A Dilemma of the Mystical Death: Meditation on an Ego vs. Death in Motion
Gaining Control over Sexual Urge and Lust (Part II)
Overcoming Lust: How to Gain Control Over Sexual Urge (Part I)
The Battle of the Opposites Within the Mind


Various Spiritual Topics

The Role of a Spiritual Teacher (And is it Even Necessary to Have One)
Being In Society but Not of It
Why Dark Spirits Act from the Mental Plane (and How to Protect Oneself)
The Extraterrestrial Involvement in our Spiritual Evolution (Part One)
Making Contact with Advanced Extraterrestrial Races (Part Two)
A Daily Job and Spiritual Endeavour: How to Combine the Two?
On Receiving Help From Spiritual Masters
Intellectual Information vs. Real Knowledge
Reflecting on the Year and Movement Forward
Are Psychedelics Useful for Spiritual Awakening?
Is Balance Between Good and Evil Necessary when Seeking Spiritual Awakening?
Doubts and Fears About the Gnostic Work