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Weekly Online Events

Besides the Spiritual Ascension online course, which is the main activity on this website, there is also a possibility to join the weekly online guided meditation events. The purpose of these will be to have a space where like-minded people interested in spirituality and spiritual development can gather and practice together different meditative exercises, in order to experience the consciousness (the spiritual essence) in a deeper and more profound way than it’s normally accessible when in waking state. Tapping into the essence means accessing the spiritual qualities such as higher emotions of love, compassion, happiness, peace, and beauty; and when the vibratory frequency is thus heightened, we begin to strengthen our connection with divinity, both inside and outside us.

The hope is that this weekly events are beneficial for both those students already familiar with the inner work, and those who are still not.

Here are some of the topics and activities of our weekly gatherings:

– Mindfulness and self-discovery meditations
– Visualization meditation
– Lucid dreaming and Astral travel related events
– Chanting and vocalizing mantras
– Meditation for peace
-Contact meditation (making contact with higher intelligences)
– Deep relaxation
– Contemplative reading of spiritual texts
– Developing the psychic faculties of intuition, clairvoyance, empathy and multidimensional communication


These events are free of charge and open to anyone who have interest in spirituality.

They take place online on platforms such as Zoom and Skype, on a weekly basis for half an hour.

If you wish to participate, please sign up for it here, and I will send you the link to where the weekly online events will be taking place. If you already have the link from before, then no need to sign up each time.


Next online weekly meditation


(At the moment, the weekly practices are put on hold. Sign up to my newsletter to be notified when they start again)

Dharana meditation – Saturday, October 22, 2022.

“If the mind is concentrated, we do not hear sounds, we do not see anything ; all our senses are in abeyance. External sounds, external vision, all external sense perceptions, therefore, can be overcome by concentration; and intensity of concentration leads to meditation.”
~ Swami Paramananda

For the next few sessions, we will focus on the Dharana meditation. Here is what it said by Patanjali have said about this type of meditation in the context of meditation in general:

“Dharana (concentration) is holding the mind on to some particular object. An unbroken flow of knowledge in that object is Dhyana (meditation). When that, giving up all forms, reflects only the meaning, it is Samadhi.”

Dharana (also known as Samatha in Buddhism) is a preparation for deep states of meditation that take place when the subject (oneself) and the object of concentration have become one, when duality has merged into unity. Before that point comes dhyana (meditation), “un unbroken flow of knowledge”.

We will explore those states and insights in meditation by focusing on different topics or objects of concentration.

Due to difference in time zones, there will be two practice slots, and you can join whichever suits you more:

First slot – 5 AM New York;  11 AM Rome;   6 PM Singapore;  9 PM Sydney

Second slot – 3 PM New York;  9 PM Rome;  4 AM Singapore (Sunday);  7 AM Sydney (Sunday)

NOTE: At the moment, the weekly events are put on hold.