Home Practices Visualization


Visualization is a powerful exercise for our inner work. It is an ability through which we can develop concentration, intuition, clairvoyance, astral projection, and many others.

It can be of great help with motivation and inspiration. The reason for this is because it connects us with higher form of emotions that we carry latent within us, and which in turn can connect us with our own Being.

When we visualize something spiritual, say a certain angel or a spiritual city etc., and can keep concentrated on this image in our mind, we are brought closer that thing or spirit. This can give us a lot of inspiration.

Similarly when we use visualization to see clairvoyantly, or remotely – through such an effort our Being can connect us to that place that we visualize and we can see what is really there, This is also known as remote viewing.

The ability to visualize well can also be very useful in order to achieve astral projection. The reason for this is because with visualization we can easily identify with the place that we are visualizing, and if concentration is stable then we can suddenly find ourselves in that place – we can just step into it consciously, leaving our physical body behind.

Visualization is an awesome ability that we can use on our path of ascension; it is a bridge that connects our human lives with that which is on another side.