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The Path to Liberation

The spiritual work that brings about deep transformation in person’s life was/is known by many names, such as the path to liberation, the path to awakening, the path to enlightenment, the path to salvation, the revolutionary path of consciousness, the path of ascension, the path of the tree of life, etc. The nature of this path is transformative and liberating, enabling us to reach our higher, divine purpose – the ultimate purpose of the school of life.

In the material reality in which we are, we have to study and learn from duality that is embedded in Creation; this study is often time painful as we find our way through the Universal laws that govern our existence. And so it goes until we graduate from this school of life – this is the point of Liberation.

This path to liberation is the most important thing that master Samael Aun Weor revealed during his lifetime. Before him it was partially revealed, but he explained and revealed it in more depth. Later on, his disciple Rabolu expanded more on some of the order of initiations, which you can read more about here.

The path has three stages; these are known as the Three Mountains. Each mountain has eight stages, or eight initiations. Each of these initiations consists of a specific work, a test, and, if passed successfully, a reward. The work of the initiation is taking place in the physical world; in daily life, and also in the higher dimensions. It is the same with tests – we are tested both in this dimension and in the higher ones. Overseeing the initiations is not a physical organization (as is the case in some secret societies), but divine beings of the higher dimensions.

Starting from the 5th initiation of the first mountain onwards, with each passing initiation we incarnate more and more of our Being/ Higher Self, and in that way we gradually merge with it and become complete, enabled to know who we truly are through the successful self-realization of all the parts of our Being.

At the end of the First Mountain, we incarnate the first three big parts of our Being: “Atman – Buddhi – Manas”. By incarnating Atman at the end of the First Mountain, we reach spiritual mastery and liberate ourselves from the Wheel of Samsara.

Each mountain brings progressive liberation – at the end of the First mountain we free ourselves of the Solar system; at the end of the Second mountain we become free from the Milky Way galaxy; and at the end of the Third mountain we are free from this Universe.

When the path to liberation is completed, we are fully awakened spiritual beings, with freedom to return to Absolute, or to serve in divine economy of Creation, or to visit another Universes etc. However, for those who would grow further, the path doesn’t end there. Nevertheless, the completion of the Three Mountains indicate a beginning of a new kind of life, from which point a plethora of infinite potentials open up.