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Working with the Elementals of Birds as a mean to Astral Projection

In a book called The Mystery of the Golden Blossom by Samael Aun Weor, there is a chapter dedicated to astral projection. Samael writes how he went to the astral plane and has contacted the spirit of Eliphas Levi, asking him for the key to astral projection that he could then deliver to humanity. Eliphas agreed, but before giving him the key, he told him to first bring him the answer regarding what is the most monstrous thing that exist on earth. Samael pondered and pondered over it, and has deducted that in order to find this answer, he should first know what is the most beautiful thing that exist. He realized that the latter is love, and so the most monstrous thing must be the opposite of love – hate.

He thus went back to search for Eliphas Levi in the astral plane. He found him in a crib, having a form of an infant. This confused Samael, but he proceeded with giving him the answer to his question, and then waiting to be given the key for astral projection. However, Eliphas remained silent. Samael felt cheated, and disappointed, he left. It was only later that it dawn on him that Eliphas taking a form of an infant was the answer he was seeking. Remembering the words of Jesus…”Lest ye become like little children….”, he realized that in order for someone to astral project, they must be pure like an infant, they must work with the mystical death, transforming their inner darkness into light.

That was the first part of the teaching that Eliphas gave to Samael, whereas the second part consisted of a mantra, that is sometimes called the Bird Mantra. Here is the excerpt from the book:

“After having understood in depth all these processes of the human psyche, the abbot delivered to me, in the higher worlds, the second part of the majestic key. This was a series of mantric sounds with which one could consciously and positively achieve projection of the EIDOLON (astral body). For the benefit of our gnostic students it is useful to establish didactically the skillful succession of these magic sounds.

a) A long and delicate whistle similar to that of a bird.
b) The intonation of the vowel “E” (as in the English word “let”) (eeeeeeeeee) prolonging the sound with the note “RAY” of the musical scale.
c) Singing the “R”, making it resonate with the musical “TE”, imitating a high pitched child’s voice; something similar to the shrill sound of a hand mill or an extremely fine and delicate motor (rrrrrrrrrr).
d) Make the “S” resonate very delicately, like a sweet and gentle whistle (ssssssssss).

Clarification: Point a. is a real and effective whistle. Point d. is only similar to a whistle.


The gnostic student lies down in the position of a dead man – face upwards, on their back. Splay the toes in a fan shape, feet together at the heels. Arms alongside the body; the whole of the physical vehicle well relaxed. The devotee should repeatedly sing the magic sounds in profound meditation whilst going to sleep.


These mantras are found to be closely related to the elemental class of birds and it is evident that they will effectively assist the devotee by helping in the work of astral projection.

Each bird is the physical body of an elemental and they always assist the neophyte provided that there is proper conduct.

If the aspirant is eager for assistance from the elemental class of birds, they must learn to love them. Those who commit the crime of confining creatures of Heaven in abominable cages, will never receive this help. Feed the birds of Heaven, transform yourself into a liberator of these creatures, open the doors of their prisons and you will be helped by them.

When, for the first time I experimented with the majestic key, after intoning the mantras,

I felt light and airy, as if something had entered inside the EIDOLON. It is obvious that I did not wait to be lifted from the bed; I myself abandoned the couch. I voluntarily arose, and walked very slowly out of the house. The innocent elementals of friendly birds within my astral body helped in my astral projection.”

Birds, both physically and as an archetype, are the type of creatures that can internally uplift us, especially when we are receptive to positive external influences, grounded in the present moment. Being the creatures of air, birds are associated with angelic beings, with blessings and grace that is poured over us when we long for a light on our path, for the help with awakening. It makes sense that their elemental spirits could also uplift us not only through hearing their beautiful song, but more literally too, by taking our astral body to flight. Of course, we need to do our part as well in the process of astral projection – the part related to concentration and relaxation, to having the mind awake while the body falls asleep. Nonetheless, this process can be positively influenced by the help from the other side, and trying to see if that help can come from the elementals of the birds may be an interesting experiment…

HDP, April 2023.

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