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To be of the Most Sacred of the Mayab

“I only know what my beloved Princess Sac-Nicte wants me to know, and I am not interested or want to know anything more than that because the only real thing that there is for me is that kiss that lights the way to the Mayab, beyond the peaks of the Andean mountains.

“And that is why I know that destiny is not and has never been in the hands of men, but in the will of the Great Hidden Lord in the Highest and the most Sacred of the Mayab, beyond the summit of the Andean mountains.”
~ from The Flight of the Feathered Serpent

In the post from last week I was reflecting on an interesting topic about two paths and a bridge between them, mentioned in a book The Flight of the Feathered Serpent, one of the most profound and genuine spiritual books that I have read. The reason for this is that this book goes into the heart of the matter when it comes to spiritual awakening. I mentioned in that post from last week titled The Path of Peter, the Path of John and the Bridge of Judas about how the author uses a certain terminology of the Mesoamerica to describe profound spiritual truths, particularly terms of the Mayan origin. The reason for this could be because he felt a deep connection to that time and place, or maybe because he had a spiritually significant life there. The Maya were known as a culture who put a lot of emphasis on spirituality, however the author uses certain terms and names of that culture in a more transcendental sense. For instance, the word Mayab means “the land of the few” or “the land of the chosen ones”. And when he says Princess Sac-Nicte, the White Flower of the Mayab, he does not refer to a physical person, but rather something spiritually profound, like Divine Mother, a part of the inner Being.

And when he speaks of the Maya lineage, when he says something like: “I am a man born from the clay of other lands, but in my veins runs the burning blood of the Maya lineage”, he refers to those men and women who have the voice of their Spirit awaken within them; some hear an actual sound of the Spirit, while others feel his presence within. Some of them are awakened to their purpose, while others are still in forgetfulness, but even the latter ones can rekindle the spark of their Mayan blood if their inner Being so chooses. They have done the inner work in their past lives and have reached a significant contact with divinity within and without – a contact that once experienced, they cannot be the same anymore, cannot live life asleep without the nagging of the conscience.

“If you are a man of the Maya lineage, here I now speak that word in the depths of your heart so that the eternally beautiful and Sacred Princess Sac-Nicte may also speak to you with her kiss, and your clay and your water are baked, so that when the water evaporates and the dust from your clay returns to dust, your amphora remains alive in the love of the Great Hidden Lord.”

He speaks to the men and women of the Maya lineage because they are those that can feel what he is saying, they can feel that there is weight in his words; the words that awaken the parts of one’s true self that are still sleeping, and yet are parts that are needed to do their part in the awakening of the consciousness, so that the inner Being can self-.realize. Hopefully, these people can comprehend profoundly how to bake their clay, so that the only thing that remains is pure amphora, a pure space filled with free consciousness, in which the Great Hidden Lord can incarnate.

The Great Hidden Lord, Divine Father, is in the Most Sacred of Mayab. To be of the latter means to be of the Father, it means to be favored sons and daughters of your inner Divine Father, and this is something that can be achieved only when our actions are aligned to his will, what he has set for us to do. We normally live in ignorance of that, but we can feel when we are moving away from his grace. And when we are on the Path to awakening, he becomes a prominent part of that process, working behind the scenes and aware of our progress. Eventually, on a certain initiation, he reveals himself and what we mean to him, and we understand also what he means to us. From that point onwards, if we are diligent in our work and incarnate more and more parts of the Being, we become closer and closer to him. But it is only when we are fully integrated in him, that we become of the Most Sacred of the Mayab.

“Because the fullness that she is, the Princess Sac-Nicte, the White Flower of the Mayab, is only found by the men in whose veins runs the blood of the Maya lineage; they are those who are born to life that lights the kiss of their lips, and that kiss is the kiss of the sweetest death because it is the kiss of the Resurrection with which every flesh shall see the salvation in God.

“You will wake up one day and then you will die, and you will be free, completely free to be able to turn your clay into a fair amphora in which the Great Hidden Lord can pour that food and that drink, the only food and the only drink with which he can satisfy your hunger and your thirst of justice of anyone who tries to avoid the valley of death to reach the top of the beautiful summits of the Mayab.”

Author: Dario


  1. Hello old friend I hope all is good. Really liked what you chose and at this point in time in my life it resonates with me like never before. I feel really strong connection to this book and the mysterious MAN who wrote it. I have found myself asleep for quiet sometime but by reading The Flight of The Feathered and praying I was able to find some strength to start waking up again. I will start rereading this book once again and trying to bring to life all those marvelous things that it speaks of.

    • Hi Stas, it’s great to read your comment. I can relate to what you are saying about the book, it has that quality through which strength is found. Probably because it speaks directly to that part of ourselves that want us to die to illusion so to be able to live truly.

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