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Virtues of the initiate

In order to ascend up the mountain of initiations, it is necessary for the aspirant or initiate to acquire certain virtues. These are acquired as one ascends, starting from the probative path. In the process of the latter we have to correct our behavior, become chaste, and start acquiring virtues. Chastity is one of the most important virtues that we acquire as sexual energies are being purified, and this virtue enables us to move on the path, because we have substance within us with which we can go forward.

However, chastity does not mean celibacy, but rather a correct usage of sexual energy; where instead of wasting it on fornication and feeding lust, it is transmuted by sublimating it from one center in the body to a higher one.

As progression on the path keeps taking place, there are more and more virtues that we can acquire, needed to pass the tests of the initiations. Some of these virtues are humility, kindness, gentleness, perseverance, adaptability, selflessness, honesty, and many more

The virtues that we receive on the path are part of our conditioned consciousness – the part of consciousness that is trapped inside the egos. As egos are gradually removed and as our consciousness is being freed and gradually expanding, we should begin to notice that we are changing; not just superficially, but profoundly. We notice that what we stand for has changed not because of our belief, but because of what is inside of us. As these virtues are intrinsic part of our consciousness, it becomes natural for us to accept them because they are part of who we are; part of our new life. And later on when we start incarnating parts of our Being, more virtues come with it, in a stronger form.

It is important that the aspirant starts to see these virtues appearing, because they are a sign that progress is taking place. It is these virtues that help push us along the path, transforming us from the state of aspirant to that of initiate, eventually leading us to completion of entire stages of the path to liberation.