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Mystical Death

One of the most important practices for ascension is what is known as the mystical death, or the death in motion. This refers to elimination of the many subconscious defects that we have inside us, such as greed, anger, pride, lust, fear etc. In this way we purge ourselves from all that is coarse and heavy and create the space for our Being/Higher Self to incarnate.

As human on average have only 3% of free consciousness, the rest is trapped in the subconscious defects, and so by eliminating those low inner states (the egos), we are liberating particles of consciousness that are trapped inside them. The eliminated defects are then replaced by qualities of the newly freed consciousness, qualities such as peace, intelligence, love, compassion, higher perceptions etc.

In order to do this practice well, one should first create a good base with practices of self-remembrance and self-observation.

This practice is also known as the First Key of the Path to Liberation. Without it we cannot move forward in the Initiatic path. Without this purification, no real transformation is happening inside us, regardless of how much we meditate or perform any other practice. As one of the timeless axioms states: “Nothing new can be born if the old has not died”.

The mystical death is a technique intimately related with the feminine aspect of our Being, known as Divine Mother.