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Astral Travel

Astral travel is another important ability to have on the path of ascension, because it allows us to explore the realities beyond the physical world.

In order to learn how to astral travel, it is first necessary to learn how to consciously leave the physical body, which is a practice known as astral projection. It entails lying down in a comfortable position, relaxing the body, and focusing on a technique that you are using. By so doing you are attracting sleep while your mind stays awake. The astral split happens when the physical body has fallen asleep, and the mind is awake. The latter stays awake due to the concentration on the technique that you are using. If this is achieved, you can get up (or roll out) in your astral body and step away from your sleeping physical body.

By being in the astral body, you are automatically in the astral plane, which is a plane in the 5th dimension of existence – a place where we go every night when we sleep; a place where dreams take place. However, by being in the astral plane consciously you can get out of those lower realms where dreams take place, and rise up to higher planes, where much more interesting things can happen – such as visiting the spirit worlds (the afterlife), the temples of learning, other planets etc.

When exploring with our astral body, we are connected to our physical body by an energetic cord which can bring us back to it in a split second. Often time it actually takes an effort to not get back, because even a small thought of the body can pull us back.

It is by default that by using the technique of concentration to exit the physical body that we get out in the astral body, because this is the place where we go when we dream. But it is possible to also visit the higher part of the 5th dimension, which is the mental plane, by shifting to that body. And when we create higher bodies through alchemical process, we can shift to those ones and get access to 6th and 7th dimension of existence.

However, astral plane is enormous and there is much to learn in there alone. We can get direct guidance there from our spirit guides, our Being, as well as other higher beings that help evolving souls from there. By astral traveling we start learning more about the structure of reality, about life and death, the history of our root race, about space/time illusion, and much more

Over there we also are guided in our own inner work. Knowing things such as how we are doing, what our main obstacles are, how much we increased our consciousness or which initiation we acquired, is of great value as we progress on the path to liberation.