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Practices in this section of the website contain introductory descriptions of essentially the most important practices for spiritual ascension.

They are divided in psychological type of practices (self-remembrance, self-observation, mystical death) and mystical practices (alchemy, meditation, astral travel, pranayama, mantras etc.)

All of them have been taught by Samael Aun Weor, the founder of modern Gnosis.

Even though they vary in importance, all of them are useful on the path to awakening. For example, with practices such as self-remembrance and self-observation we begin the inner work. Later on to that we incorporate the practice of mystical death, and it is this then that raises us up in a proper and deep way. Later on the practice of alchemy can deepen our interior and create the solar bodies, without which the Being cannot incarnate. And with meditation we develop a deeper connection with our Being.

Additional practices then are all those that can help us along the path by giving us inspiration, motivation, insight, knowledge etc., such as astral travel, lucid dreaming, visualization, pranayama, etc.

All of these practices, both primary and secondary, are covered in greater length in the online courses offered on this site.