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Higher assistance

On the path of ascension it is of utmost importance to ask for help from higher beings. These beings have already passed through their path of learning and are qualified to help those who are coming behind. Throughout history, they have been known by different names, such as angels, devas, divine beings, guides etc. Because they are cleansed of their lower nature, what shines through them is the light of their Being, which makes them selfless and benevolent, yet extremely powerful at the same time.

There are many ranks and grades of development that these free higher spirits have, but all of them serve in the divine economy of evolution of consciousness. A lot of these helpful spirits that the aspirant of the path receives help from are in the dimensions of Creation, and from there they work and exert their influence. There are also spirits of the Source that can help us as well.

Humans en mass receive help from these beings simply by sincerely asking for it, through the means of prayer. However, these help can be much greater as we work on the path to awakening. The reason for this is that on such path we also aspire to become divine beings, which is a very noble goal one could have, and if we achieve this goal we join their chain and fulfill the divine economy, our higher purpose.

On the path to liberation, the more we work on ourselves, the more we are helped by angelic beings. We are helped by them in various ways, such as by giving us strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, divine energy, psychic experiences, experiences out of the body, helping our own Being to push us harder to awaken, and much more.

Without their help, we would not be able to reach very far. Even if our own Being is very advanced, we still depend a lot on their help because of many different aspects that the path of ascension entails, and also because of the interconnectedness of life.

In the same way as we as adults provide help and assistance to our young ones who are still infants, toddlers and children, so too we need the higher assistance that will guide us into spiritual maturity.