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Sexual Alchemy

Alchemy is a practice relating to creation of the solar bodies, and also the elimination of egos. In the Hindustan it is known as White Tantra, and it has also been referred to as Sexual Magic, Arcanum A.Z.F., and Sahaja Maithuna.

It is a sexual practice between a loving couple, male and female, which at its base consists of unification of two opposite poles or the two opposite forces (positive and negative), with the goal for the third force (the neutral) to emerge. Once it emerges, the couple can transmute this energy from the sexual center, up the spine, through the brain, and into the heart, for the purpose of crystallization of the solar bodies.

On the path to liberation, it is indispensable to create the solar bodies (and later on golden bodies and the bodies of light) so that the Being can gradually incarnate in the initiate who, besides alchemy, is also working intensely with the mystical death technique in their everyday life.

Just like the entire inner work of ascension, the alchemical practice being part of it also has at foundation chastity and love. In order for the solar bodies to be built, the person needs to have sufficient amount of psychic energy which they acquired by refraining from fornication and orgasms, and by not identifying with subconscious reactions of the egos in everyday life. The person who is to practice alchemy needs to have a good base in having a balanced life by knowing how to self-remember, self-observe, and properly die to their lower states (egos).

Besides the building of the solar bodies for the Being to incarnate within, the neutral energy that emerges in the practice of alchemy can also be used for the elimination of defects, particularly those stronger ones that are more troublesome and prominent.