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Courses and workshops on this blog are designed so that they can help those who want to change inwardly through the study and practice of the Gnostic teachings, in order to experience and to work towards self-realization by permanently building inside them high inner states such as peace, happiness, love, wisdom, compassion, and also knowledge, wisdom and other qualities that are integral part of their true nature.

This is aimed to provide through the Spiritual Ascension course, which is the main body of teachings on this website.

For those who complete the 12 week Spiritual Ascension course, the Esoteric Investigation and Building of the Force Within course will be available.

While the former is focusing on providing all necessary information for liberation, the latter will be more focused on inner research and building of the spiritual force within, in order to reach higher and higher octaves of spiritual ascension

Both courses will take place online, and can serve well for both those who are new on the path as well as those who are already doing the inner work for a while. All courses and workshops are offered free of charge, as is all other content on this site. The reason why they are free is because the way to the spirit is such an essential part of this Universe that it should be available to anyone who is willing to walk upon the path to awakening.