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I would like to keep this terms as simple as possible.

This website (AscendingPath.org) provides free spiritually themed content organized in articles, courses, workshops, and retreats.

You are free to read the content and/or participate in activities of this website under the following conditions:

  1. You have reached your country’s legal age for reading spiritual content and/or participating in spiritual activities (such as the ones offered on this website).
  2. You understand that the content of this website and all of its activities serve for enhancing your spiritual well-being, and is not meant to replace any professional medical treatment.
  3. You are enrolling or participating in the activities offered on this website for the sole purpose of your own spiritual growth. Participating for any other reason besides that one is not allowed.
  4. If you are posting comments, please do it respectfully.
  5. Generally speaking, it is not allowed to post in comments promotional links to spiritual-related content (such as classes, courses, or events), especially if these are based on a business model. The only exception to this rule is if I visit the linked website and am able to determine that allowing such links could benefit the readers of this website.