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One of the most important practices for someone who aspires to climb up the ascending path, is certainly meditation. The reason for this is that this practice enables us to go deeper within our consciousness, as well as in our subconscious mind, than what we can do when go about our mundane daily activities. Generally speaking, we can divide meditation in two parts – introspective and contemplative. We can also name those two main parts of meditation as transformative meditation and transcendental meditation.

With the introspective, or transformative, meditation we go within ourselves and search for the origin of our suffering; we are discovering about the many selves that we have within us, so that we can learn about them and ultimately eliminate them from our interior, setting the consciousness free. On the other hand, the contemplative or transcendental meditation can show us the essence of whatever we want to learn more about.

Samael Aun Weor has written that in meditation, the aspirant can search for three things: God, Power, and Knowledge.
Elaborating on this, searching for God refers to looking within into the mysteries of our own self. By so doing we can discover our true consciousness, and later on our Higher Self, and through the latter we can discover the source of all life – the Absolute.

Secondly, through meditation it is possible to access and make available certain psychic abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition etc. However, these come with the merits of the heart, as the spiritual work is carried out.

And lastly, knowledge is another important element why many people meditate. Through this practice we can access information that is normally inaccessible to our five physical senses, but in order to achieve this we first need to enter a suitable state of mind; a certain tranquillity that allows us to direct the light of consciousness on the topic that we feel we could benefit from. If our goal is noble enough, the gift of knowledge could be granted to us by our own Being, and the information we seek can be given to us in the form of the “ray of understanding”.

And as mentioned at the beginning of this article, we can also utilize the power of meditation to learn about our subconscious mind; our defects. This is very useful, and often an indispensable key to emerge out victorious in various battles against our inner defects.

When our consciousness is prominent and strong, which we aim to achieve and strengthen during meditation, then at whatever subject we direct the light of our consciousness, we can receive an information about it. Because consciousness has the ability to grasp things instantaneously, it can receive and understand things that the mind alone could not. Nevertheless, the ability of comprehension will depend on the amount of consciousness that we have available, and which is increased as we climb up the Mountains of ascension.

Meditation is also often used to reach various forms of Samadhi states, which is complete absorption with the object we are meditating on, so that duality becomes unity. The ultimate stage of this is called Nirvi Kalpa Samadhi, and is associated with the access to the outermost ring of the Absolute.