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Here is a collection of some documentaries and video presentations on various subjects that could be interesting to know or to know more about. Some of those includes important spiritual questions of life, death, evolution and devolution, karma, the Wheel of Life, religions, and various other things.


The Gnostic Masters of the 20th Century is a documentary that speaks of five spiritual masters that, with their teachings, prepared the stage for the teachings of Samael Aun Weor. These masters were Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Krumm Heller (Huiracocha), Sivananda, Krishnamurti, and G.I.Gurdjieff. In the documentary it is described how Samael went through all of those teachings, and even though he benefited a lot from each, he didn’t find in them a way to eliminate the egos. Ultimately he formed his own teachings in order to introduce the death of the psychological “I” (the ego) technique in the way that it works.


The Hidden History of Humanity by Philip Lindsay is an interesting perspective (and perhaps knowledge?) on the history of humanity, based on the teachings of certain esotericists, such as Madame Blavatsky and some others.




The Road to Armageddon is a documentary that speaks about several important aspects of life and about the importance of implementing spiritual living to our lives. The speakers in this documentary are all from different spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism etc.




Splendors of the Spirit: Swedenborg’s Quest for Insight is an interesting biographical account of a prominent scientist of the 18th century, Emmanuel Swedenborg. After a transformative event of his life, his spiritual faculties were opened and he began to communicate clearly with higher non-physical beings.



Sirius Documentary. An interesting presentation of Dr. Steven Greer about an aspect of life that has been ridiculed and dismissed for the past several decades – the extraterrestrial presence and contact. The film goes into great length to explain about why this information is being suppressed, who benefit from it,  how our world could be changed if disclosure of ET activities and technologies take place, and it also looks into mediation protocol for making contact on an individual level.


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