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Solar Bodies

In the spiritual work that leads towards complete Liberation, it is necessary to reunite with ones own Being. This is done through the process of the spiritual path, and one of its important components is fabrication of the higher spiritual bodies., also known as the solar bodies. This is done through the practice of alchemy.

The reason why these high energy bodies have to be created is so that one’s own Being can incarnate within the person who is walking on the path to liberation. Without these bodies, the current physical vehicle is not enough to withstand the strong energetic vibration of the Being.

As the Being has many parts that incarnate gradually, it is important to create seven solar bodies.

As our current humanity is not spiritually developed, majority of people today does not have these solar bodies created. Some people have already created them in the previous existences on this cycle of lives. Those who have not have a lesser form of these non-physical bodies, known as the lunar bodies.

So an average person, besides the physical body, also has lunar etheric, lunar astral, and lunar mental body. These lunar bodies are of a weak type and it is said that with them we can only access lower and mid astral and mental levels of the fifth dimension, however we cannot go further above with such vehicles.

Someone who is working on themselves spiritually with the Three Keys, will create seven higher bodies in the first stage of the path. On this first stage (also known as the First Mountain), they are called the ‘solar bodies’. These are solar physical, solar etheric, solar astral, solar mental, solar causal, solar buddhic, and solar atmic bodies.

Later, at a more advanced stage of the path, these solar bodies are transformed into the so called golden bodies, and then further ahead the golden bodies are transformed into the bodies of light. The reason for this transformation is because more and more of our Being is incarnated within us as we progress on the path, and so our vibratory frequency rises with each new incarnation. For that to occur, an appropriate types of vehicles are needed to contain such a high voltage of the Being.