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Vocalizing and singing mantras is another important practice, especially in the first stage of the spiritual path, as it can provide us with a lot of inner strength through the experience of consciousness and various other centers in the body and their corresponding faculties.

Mantras are sounds, ancient phrases, charged sacred words, which in their essence are related to something spiritual. They are used in spiritual practices in many different traditions, most commonly in Buddhism and Hinduism, but they can also be found throughout the world.

In Gnostic teachings, Samael Aun Weor has taught a lot of different mantras that are vocalized externally by elongating vowels that are part of it. He taught that each of the vowel sound affects different energetic centers (the chakras) within our body. In many of his books he wrote the following about them:

Vowel “I” (pronounced as in the word “trim”) affects the third eye chakra and activates its faculty of clairvoyance

Vowel “E” (as in word “test”) affects the throat chakra and activates its faculty of clairaudience.

Vowel “O” (as in word “door”) affects the heart chakra and activates its faculty of intuition.

Vowel “U” (as in word “loop”) affects the solar plexus chakra and activates its faculty of telepathy.

Vowel “A” (as in word “artist”) affects the lungs chakras and activates its faculty of remembering past lives.

Sound “M” affects the navel chakra.

Sound “S” affects the sacral chakra.

When vocalizing mantrams, one should elongate each vowel, and one should try to concentrate as much as possible on the sound of the mantra and/or the vibration it produces within the body.

One of the very powerful mantras, that can connect us to the feminine part of our Being known as Divine Mother, is mantra RAM IO. It is pronounced like this:


In ancient Vedic texts (which are said to be one of the first texts of our root race) a lot of energetically charged mantras are mentioned, such as Gayatri mantra; Om Asatoma mantra; Maha Mrityunjaya mantra; Om Tat Sat, and many more. These ones, as well as many Buddhist mantras like the Heart Sutra, Om Mani Padme Hum, Avalokiteshvara mantra etc., can have a very uplifting effect on the psyche, helping us in our inner work.

Samael Aun Weor has also taught mantras for various other purposes, such as astral projection, elemental magic, invocations etc.