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The Being

The Being is our Higher Self, our Inner Guide, our Superconsciousness. It is the highest part of our psyche, and it helps us go through life in a way that helps us in our evolution. Each person has their own inner Being.

This Being has eight main parts, and many smaller parts. Each of this parts is in a dimensional level in which it lives and participates in divine economy. Majority of people do not have their Being incarnated inside them, because for this to occur one should have done the inner work of purification and climbing up the mountain of ascension. Nevertheless, this Being can still exert its influence upon us and can manifest inside of us, making us aware of itself through senses such as intuition.

We as consciousness are particles of our Human Soul (Manas), which is one of the parts of our Being that we integrate with in the first stage of the path to liberation. In some esoteric schools it was taught that we already have the Human Soul, but in reality it does not come to us by default – we have to ‘earn it’.

Going further up is Buddhi – our Divine Soul, and still further up is Atman, the Spirit. This comprises the triad “Atman – Buddhi – Manas”. Further up are higher parts of our Being, parts such as Shiva-Shakti (Holy Spirit-Divine Mother), Divine Father and Son (Christ).

The totality of our Being is known as Monad, and the goal of the spiritual work is to reunite with it and become a complete, self-realized Being. When reaching this stage we transcend the Universal laws and can return to the Source, or we can stay in Creation and work as needed in the Divine Economy. It is the point of a high form of freedom, yet still the work on oneself (the climb up) can continue as there is more that awaits beyond our Being. As someone once said: “For those who would grow, there is eternity.”

In the spiritual work, our Being plays a crucial part in our awakening process. It gives us what it takes in regards to strength, experiences, understanding etc. so that we can progress and move along the path. Each of the above mentioned parts of our Being have their role in our awakening. The biggest role has the Father, who is the highest part of the Being and therefore the part that is helping us the most. His wish to reach self-realization becomes our wish to reach self-realization.

The Being is our divine self, the higher part of who we are. It is only through incarnating our Being that we achieve self-realization and find out who we truly are.