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Sacrifice for Humanity

One of the most important principles of spiritual ascent is sacrifice for humanity. This type of help relates to spiritual sacrifice, or helping others spiritually, and it comprises one of the Three Keys of the Revolution of Consciousness.

When we start to work on ourselves, we start to gain experience of that work and what is needed to climb up the mountain of ascension. With this knowledge we are more and more enabled to help others who would also like to reach liberation. By helping them, we are fulfilling the universal law of sharing that which is good and useful for the soul, or sharing that which helps the soul to evolve. The latter is what this Creation is all about – the continuous enrichment, perfection, and evolution of souls.

Once we pass a certain point in our inner work on the path to awakening, it is required of us to help others spiritually. The more we ascend, the more is required of us to help others. There are several reasons for this: one is that we are given a lot of help so that we can rise higher and higher; a help that mostly comes from spiritual beings, but also often from other people who are working on themselves in this physical world.

The second reason is that, as we work on ourselves by dying to our defects, we are at the same time liberating consciousness that was entrapped in these defects and by so doing we get more and more of its qualities, such as love, compassion, intelligence, selflessness etc. Spontaneously then we become more and more selfless person who wants to help from the bottom of their heart, not only because they are fulfilling a requirement to ascend, but because this becomes their true nature. This selfless and loving nature increases even more as we start to incarnate parts of our Being. And so by helping others, we are showing to higher beings just how much we changed and that we want to be in line with the Divine Economy.

Someone who works on themselves, but does not have a longing to help others to ascend, is not really doing proper inner work, as their nature has not changed from selfish to selfless. By not helping others spiritually, we are isolating ourselves from strong divine help that could push us upwards in a deep way.