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Internal and External Oppositions are Opportunities to Climb Higher

Both in life and in the inner work, we come across many different oppositions. In regular life we will have people who will oppose us in one way or the other; sometimes we meet or deal with people who are like-minded, and at other times we face people who have a different viewpoint than us.

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The Importance of Sacrifice for Humanity

Helping others to advance spiritually is one of the most important aspects that allows our own advancement on the Path to Awakening. It is such a crucial aspect that if one does not have this as a fully integrated part of their life, their inner progress will be very limited, and will not go at all

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Betrayals on the Christic Path and the Purging of the Three Traitors

As it has already been said before, the Path to complete awakening and liberation consists of  three stages, also known as the Three Mountains, and each of these mountains has eight initations. It is on the Second Mountain that the initiate goes through, in a symbolical form and in the internal

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Advice from Master Kuthumi to the Aspirants for the Path

In his book The Masters and the Path, a Theosophist Charles W. Leadbetter has included an interesting and important message from master Kuthumi in regards to walking on the Path to awakening. This master is known in the esoteric circles as one of the most prominent masters of the non-physical

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Mantra SUIRA and Directing the Solar Force to Awaken the Chakras

In some of his books, Samael Aun Weor has written about an interesting practice that deals with activation of chakras and their corresponding faculties by stimulating the chakras with solar energy. This is done by pulling up that energy from the solar plexus chakra and leading it towards the chakra

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Seriousness in the Work

It is useful in our inner work to occasionally step back and reflect on how we are doing, to see if we are still moving in a proper and optimal way towards the spiritual goals that we have set for ourselves. If this is not done, life could easily consume us, and we would go about our day believing

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What this Work is about

The spiritual work described on this website relates to an inner transformation through the integration with ones own Being, as the result of the Initiatic path, and thus achieving permanent spiritual states (such as true peace and happiness, awakeness, compassion, love etc.), which are emanations of the Being. The individual also gains access to wisdom and knowledge, and so fulfilling the timeless yearning to be lead “from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, and from death to immortality”.
Even though this spiritual work had enormous importance in many ancient societies, such as that of ancient Egypt, Persia, Hindustan, in the lands of the Mayab and the Khmers etc., it was Samael Aun Weor who, in these modern times, provided us with full information about what is needed in order to ascend in a deep way and to reach the Final Liberation.

Online Courses and Workshops

17 May 2021

The main thing offered on this site is a 13-week Course on Spiritual Ascension. This course is based on the teachings of master Samael Aun Weor –

17 Jul 2021

The Esoteric Journey and Building the Force Within is a Gnostic course that is structured to support all sincere aspirants who have completed the