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An Insight into Life of a Spiritual Initiate

“He who denies himself is that person who renounces all he has been and what he is; which is to say, he understands his world; his body and his mind are controlled by the forces of an exterior world which condition him to live in a certain

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Contemplation on Life and the Path

On this path you are on you will find many things which perhaps you thought would make you happy, but as the days passed, you realized that this was not so. You asked yourself, “What happened? Where are they? Where did they go?” Perhaps you are encountering more of such things and logically,

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Encounter with People from another Galaxy: Samael’s Journey to Mars

“One day, it does not matter which, when residing in Mexico City, I had to visit “El Desierto de los Leones” (The Desert of the Lions National Park). I wanted to peacefully abide there, even if only for a few hours. I wanted to deliver myself to the calmest of

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Using Mantra Solin Sala Ra to Establish Contact with ETs

Once we begin a serious inner work, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature go through transformations, making us apt to make contact with higher intelligences with more ease. It is true that anyone can make a contact with them with or without previously having done the inner work,

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The Purpose of Gnostic Practices is to Wake up the Consciousness

A while ago I have written an article (Fundamental and secondary practices of the Gnostic teachings) in which I attempted to describe or categorize the two main forms of practices that we use in the Gnostic work. In this current article, I would like to emphasize that the purpose of all the

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Signs of Enlightenment: Recognizing a Genuine Spiritual Master

For many folks today it is not easy to recognize a genuine spiritual master. Primarily this is because the real ones are very few indeed, but even if they were many, people would not really know what to look for. In today’s world of commercial spirituality, what sells is charisma, emotion, and

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What this Work is about

The spiritual work described on this website relates to an inner transformation through the integration with ones own Being, as the result of the Initiatic path, and thus achieving permanent spiritual states (such as true peace and happiness, awakeness, compassion, love etc.), which are emanations of the Being. The individual also gains access to wisdom and knowledge, and so fulfilling the timeless yearning to be lead “from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, and from death to immortality”.
Even though this spiritual work had enormous importance in many ancient societies, such as that of ancient Egypt, Persia, Hindustan, in the lands of the Mayab and the Khmers etc., it was Samael Aun Weor who, in these modern times, provided us with full information about what is needed in order to ascend in a deep way and to reach the Final Liberation.

Online Courses and Workshops

05 Sep 2022

The Esoteric Journey and Building the Force Within is a Gnostic course that is structured to support all sincere aspirants who have completed the

12 Sep 2022

The main activity offered on this website is a 13-week Course on Spiritual Ascension. This course is based on the teachings of Samael Aun Weor –