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 “Do not resist evil” in the Light of the Gnostic-Esoteric Teachings

One of the statements that caused pondering in many students of esoteric teachings is “Do not resist evil”. This line is often associated with the teachings of Jesus where he said “Do not resist an evil person”, elaborating upon it by saying that one should love their enemy and the ones

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Moved Blog from Highest Quest to Ascending Path

Hi everyone, you might have noticed in my last post on Highest Quest blog the announcement that I will soon move the blog from there to my new website - I'm happy to let you all know that this process is now completed, a redirect is in place, and I will soon start with  posting

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Using Koan Meditation for Silencing the Mind

One of the good ways to silence the mind (and subsequently activate your consciousness) is through a technique known as the koans. This old Zen Buddhist method for meditation involves pondering on enigmatic phrases, questions or sentences that are without an answer, or that the mind has a difficult

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Preparing for Meditation

Before starting a meditation, regardless if just starting out with this practice or if already practicing it for some time, it is important to prepare for it. When novice in meditation starts practicing it, they don’t take enough time to do what is necessary to prepare for it. It is often thought

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Significant Spiritual Level Means Access to Psychic Perceptions?

Not long ago I have read a book by Peter Deunov (also known as Beinsa Douno) who was a popular spiritual teacher in Europe in the first half of the 20th century, and has mostly taught a type of spirituality that incorporates something of Western Esotericism and Christianity. There are some

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A Deeper Meaning Behind “Expansion of Consciousness”

In the last few decades there has been a lot of talk in various spiritual circles about expansion of consciousness; that in order to be spiritual, the person needs to expand their consciousness. Many people say that by using meditation or some other spiritual practices, that they have expanded

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What this Work is about

The spiritual work described here relates to an inner transformation through the integration with ones own Being (Higher Self) and thus achieving permanent spiritual states (such as peace, happiness, awakeness, compassion, love, and also that which is beyond love), which are the emanations of ones own Being. The individual also gains access to its wisdom and knowledge, and so fulfilling the timeless yearning to be lead “from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, and from death to immortality”.
Even though this spiritual work had enormous importance in many ancient societies, such as that of ancient Egypt, Persia, Hindustan, in the lands of the Mayab and the Khmers etc. etc., it was master Samael Aun Weor who, in these modern times, provided us with full information about what is needed in order to ascend in a deep way and to reach the Final Liberation.

Courses and Workshops

11 Apr 2020

The spiritual work truly starts when we start waking up our consciousness from the psychological sleep of constant thoughts and emotions that are

12 Apr 2020

Experiences out of the body, regardless if they happen via the route of astral projection or through lucid dreaming, have been happening to people

23 Apr 2020

The main thing offered on this site is the 12 week Course on Spiritual Ascension. This course is based on the teachings of Master Samael Aun Weor –