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A Revelation on Experiencing the Nature of the Absolute (from Hermetic Tradition)

The body of texts known as the Corpus Hermeticum is one of the most important compilation of Hermetic teachings. They are attributed to a spiritual teacher who among the Greeks was known as Hermes Trismegistus, and as god Thoth among the Egyptians. The texts were apparently written or rewritten in

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Working with the Elementals of Birds as a mean to Astral Projection

In a book called The Mystery of the Golden Blossom by Samael Aun Weor, there is a chapter dedicated to astral projection. Samael writes how he went to the astral plane and has contacted the spirit of Eliphas Levi, asking him for the key to astral projection that he could then deliver to humanity.

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Conscious Shocks in the Spiritual Work

In the Work, there is something known as the First and the Second conscious shocks. This term has become familiar in the West, in the context of the inner work, when an Armenian mystic and philosopher, Georg I. Gurdjieff, started mentioning it in his lectures and books. This philosopher has brought

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Embracing your Shadow: The No-Struggle Approach to Spirituality

There is a popular philosophy that talks about embracing the dark side of one’s psychology, and integrating it with the conscious side. The dark side, in this line of thought, is usually those things that are not accepted forms of behavior; things such as jealousy, arrogance, malevolence, rage,

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Two Meditation Approaches by Rudolf Steiner

In many of his teachings, the founder of the Anthroposophic school, Rudolf Steiner, emphasized the need for meditation in order to develop a rich inner life that would eventually lead to the blossom of organs of perceptions with which one can study higher worlds. This Gnostic approach to study of

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Some Necessary Qualities for the Spiritual Path

In his book How to Know Higher Worlds, Rudolf Steiner has outlined some of the necessary qualities or requirements that are necessary to walk upon the spiritual path. Due to his enormous contribution to the esoteric corpus of knowledge, Steiner was one of the most prominent spiritual teacher of the

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What this Work is about

The spiritual work described on this website relates to an inner transformation through the integration with ones own Being, as the result of the Initiatic path, and thus achieving permanent spiritual states (such as true peace and happiness, awakeness, compassion, love etc.), which are emanations of the Being. The individual also gains access to wisdom and knowledge, and so fulfilling the timeless yearning to be lead “from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, and from death to immortality”.
Even though this spiritual work had enormous importance in many ancient societies, such as that of ancient Egypt, Persia, Hindustan, in the lands of the Mayab and the Khmers etc., it was Samael Aun Weor who, in these modern times, provided us with full information about what is needed in order to ascend in a deep way and to reach the Final Liberation.

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