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Self-Realization: The Ticket to the Fullness of Infinity

When dealing with the topic of self-realization, of bringing forth a latent potential that is hidden within a human being, it is very useful to research about it to the best of our abilities. This is done in the most substantial way by searching for the information within oneself, through

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What Role being Hermetically Sealed has in our Development

In the Gnostic teachings, a great emphasis is placed on having the five psychological centers balanced and not allowing the escape of the psychic energy. The latter is the overall energy of the physical and the spiritual bodies which the consciousness uses to achieve the inner transformation, its

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A Practice with the Holy Spirit for Activation of the Third Eye Chakra

In his book the Aztec Christic Magic, Samael Aun Weor has taught various exercises for activating the senses of psychic perceptions by working with the energy of the Holy Spirit, directing it into the chakras by using visualization, mantras and slumber. The exercises are set out for each of the

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Incorporating Spiritual Work into Daily Life, Or the Other Way Around?

There are many different approaches to the spiritual work; some folks take it up full-on, some others with reserve, others yet try to do their best, some approach it as a hobby, etc. The way we take it up depends on several factors, such as where we are in the work, what virtues and faculties we

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Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition: A Gateway To Higher Knowledge

Imagination, inspiration and intuition are all faculties or states related to that which is the highest within us - the Spirit. In several of his books, Samael Aun Weor has spoken about imagination, inspiration and intuition as something that goes together, or that is tied to one another when

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Not Questioning a Spiritual Authority Can Lead to Fanaticism and Failure

A psychological trait that can be found in every spiritual tradition is a tendency to accept the words of the spiritual authority of that tradition as being always right. Of course, not all followers of such authorities do that, but it seems that the majority does. In some traditions this problem

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What this Work is about

The spiritual work described on this website relates to an inner transformation through the integration with ones own Being, as the result of the Initiatic path, and thus achieving permanent spiritual states (such as true peace and happiness, awakeness, compassion, love etc.), which are emanations of the Being. The individual also gains access to wisdom and knowledge, and so fulfilling the timeless yearning to be lead “from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, and from death to immortality”.
Even though this spiritual work had enormous importance in many ancient societies, such as that of ancient Egypt, Persia, Hindustan, in the lands of the Mayab and the Khmers etc., it was Samael Aun Weor who, in these modern times, provided us with full information about what is needed in order to ascend in a deep way and to reach the Final Liberation.

Online Courses and Workshops

12 Jul 2021

The main thing offered on this site is a 13-week Course on Spiritual Ascension. This course is based on the teachings of master Samael Aun Weor –

17 Jul 2021

The Esoteric Journey and Building the Force Within is a Gnostic course that is structured to support all sincere aspirants who have completed the