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Transmutation of sexual energy is one of the main practices in the teachings of Gnosis. With it the stored sexual energy (located in testicles/ovaries) is pulled up through the spine into the brain, and then pushed down to the heart center. This is done with the technique that combines breathing, mantra and visualization.

In order for this method to be useful, there are several requirements that an aspirant needs to meet. First of all it is necessary to be chaste, i.e. not wasting sexual energy in fantasizing and orgasms/ejaculations. Secondly, it is important to keep the psychological centers clean through the usage of the previously mentioned techniques (self-remembrance, self-observation and mystical death). This will keep the basic sexual energy in its base state, and like this we can then transmute it by pulling it up towards the heart area.

The technique of sexual transmutation is one of the key ingredients for the practice of sexual alchemy, however it can also be done as a sit down practice, and both couples and single people can use it.

Benefits of using this technique are numerous, but most important ones are the changes that take place inside. Samael Aun Weor says that when the creative sexual energy reaches the heart center, over there it mixes with the Christic atom, which, he says, connects the person with the higher realms. In another words, the mixing of these two energies in the heart connects us with our own inner Being, and this in turn makes us closer to other spiritual beings and the higher dimensions of life. This connection then can give us enormous boost for our inner work, providing us with strength and inspiration.

Another great benefit of using this technique is the interiorization that takes place as we practice transmutation every day. This interiorization helps us with self-remembrance and self-observation, the two basic practices that are responsible for waking up the consciousness in the present moment.

By pulling up the sexual energy to the heart center, we also avoid the potential loss of it during night time. It is necessary to pull up the etheric substance of this energy, so that it doesn’t spill out during the time of deep sleep.

In this way then we conserve and transmute the sexual energy; the most important energy that we have within for achieving the self-realization of the Being.