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Reflection on the Seven Last Words of Jesus

In an esoteric sense, the life of Jesus Christ provides with an incredible wealth of insights that every initiate (and aspirant to the Path) would do well by studying and trying to understand its deeper significance, and how it relates to us individually, as his life was more than just a historical account or a one-time saving event. When we begin with our awakening process, we start to notice that the lives of great spiritual masters can also be looked at from the point of view of the Path
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Reflecting and Meditating on Verses of Sacred Texts

Reading spiritual texts can be a great source of motivation, inspiring us and opening our minds to new approaches and thoughts. Most people read these texts in order to learn something new, which is a valid reason, though such information stays only on intellectual level if it is not understood with the faculty of intuition or grasped by the sufficient free consciousness that an individual have, though as such abilities depend on spiritual level, not everyone can get those insights when
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The Laws of Return (Reincarnation) and Recurrence

There are many Universal laws that govern the cyclic existence in which we move, within the Wheel of Samsara. It is said that the seven dimensions of this Universe are all of different number of laws: the three-dimensional world has 48 laws, the fourth dimension has 24 laws, the fifth dimension (astral and mental plane) has 12 laws, the sixth dimension (causal and buddhic plane) has 6 laws, and the seventh dimension (Atmic plane) has 3 laws, and in the Absolute there is only 1 law.
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What to do in the Astral Plane: A Meaningful Use of Astral Experiences (Part I)

The astral plane is a plane or realm that forms a part of the fifth dimension, another part being the mental plane. Astral is our home in the more proper sense of the word, it is where we return life after life, and we also visit it in the hours of sleep in order to go through various things that our Being wants us to go there, things such as learning, experiencing, helping etc. Although in the morning we may remember only a small fraction of what happened there, it is a place that holds
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Journeying Eternity as a Liberated Soul (Ancient Egyptian Depiction)

One of the funerary texts that is part of the Egyptian Book of the Dead is a book called the Book of Traversing Eternity, which describes what happens to a person who incarnates their Divine Being while still alive. In Ancient Egypt, when someone reached a high spiritual level by incarnating various parts of their inner Being, they would often add “Osiris” or “Horus” to their name, which is a spiritual title rather than the eternal name of the Being that we become aware of once we reach the
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Seeing Into the Hieroglyphs in Egyptian Temple of the Crocodile

kom ombo temple esoteric egypt
During my time in Egypt a few years ago, I visited a town called Aswan in the South of the country. That region has several interesting ancient sites, such as Philae, Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel etc. One of the most memorable experience I had in Egypt was when I visited the temple of Kom Ombo, also known as the Crocodile temple. Kom Ombo is situated on a beautiful location by the Nile, and even though it is mostly associated with the crocodile god Sobek, it has parts that are dedicated to some
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