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Harmful influences

Why Dark Spirits Act from the Mental Plane (and How to Protect Oneself)

In his teachings, Samael Aun Weor has repeated many times that the most dangerous black magicians are in the mental plane. He was telling us that so to warn us of how harmful can be the attacks or influences from the mental plane for anyone doing the inner work, because anyone that is on the path will inevitably face opposition from the forces of darkness. Many people who start looking into spirituality have an idea that the spiritual path is like a refuge from a harsh reality of the
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Why to Avoid Feeding Your Psyche with Low Impressions

In the course of daily life, we are exposed to a lot of impressions that reach us through our five senses. Regardless if we live in the East or in the West, the modern world has taken on a path that has some very harmful aspects for our spiritual progress - things such as wild capitalism, insatiable consumerism, bombardment with ads wherever we go, senseless trends, addictive and low entertainment, degrading use of sexuality, a sick pleasure in gossiping, etc. These types of impressions
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