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Mental and Emotional Hygiene in Daily Living

In this day and age, a lot of importance is placed on physical hygiene, but very little on mental and emotional ones. In schools and universities there is very little information (or not at all) on how to deal with ones own thoughts and emotions, and even that information is scarce and insufficient. At homes, parents raise their children based on their own values, with very little knowledge of the thought and emotion culture. Unfortunately then, the lack of this information has created the
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Five Aspects of Divine Mother

Divine feminine has always had a very special place in many religions and esoteric traditions of the world. This mysterious force has inspired millions throughout history to contemplation, pilgrimage, meditation, and has even influenced their decisions and the course of daily lives. Even though in many cases this devotion is based on a belief, from it can grow a particular feeling of connection with this force; the force commonly known as Divine Mother.
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Overcoming Lust: How to Gain Control Over Sexual Urge (Part I)

Overcoming sexual urge and lust is for many people one of the most difficult thing on the path to liberation. Majority of people give up the Gnostic work because they keep failing in getting control over sexual urge. The majority gives up already on the Probationary path, without actually managing to reach chastity for a significant period of time. However, there are also many people who feel a lot of longing for achieving self-realization, so they continue despite failing, and many of
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Reflecting on the Year and Movement Forward

When we do the inner work, it’s always good to evaluate how we are doing. This can be done daily, weekly, monthly, and also annually. It can be really interesting to look back over the year, seeing how things went, because we then see ourselves in the spiritual work in a larger time-frame than one day or a month. When we look at things from this perspective, we are aware that we don’t have that much time in a lifetime inside which we could realize our spiritual work, understanding that each
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