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War on Spirituality and Consciousness

Many believe that we live in a free world, a world in which we have freedom to choose whatever we wish (within the society’s norms) and that we will be allowed to do that or won’t be criticized because of it. We are taught that in the past things were different, the opportunities were much less due to what was tolerable and what was not; and one of the thing, we are told, that was surely not looked upon with enthusiasm were the spiritual teachings outside the main religions. It is true that
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Science and Spiritual Wisdom

We live in the point in time when science is put on the highest pedestal of society. If science agrees with something, it gives it approval to have its place in the world, and if it doesn’t, that something becomes marginalized and is looked in a certain way. Spirituality, for example, is deemed not scientific, and therefore it is placed in a special unprivileged place in society where, although billions of people around the world are practicing their religion, they are not too open about
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Continuity of Purpose, Center of Gravity, and True Individuality

The continuity of purpose, permanent center of gravity, and true individuality are important topics to study and to comprehend, in order to advance in our inner work. Without the continuity of purpose, we won’t be able to achieve the goal of Self-realization; to achieve this goal it is essential to create the permanent center of gravity in the consciousness. The problem is that, unless the inner work is carried out, the center of gravity fluctuates between the personality and the egos,
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