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Continuity of Purpose, Center of Gravity, and True Individuality

“It is impossible to have continuity of purpose without a true individuality.
Therefore, if the psychological individual does not exist, if many persons live within each one of us, if there is no responsible person within, it would be an absurdity to demand continuity of purpose from someone.
We know well that many persons live within a person. Hence, the full sense of responsibility does not really exist in us.
We cannot take seriously what any particular “I” affirms at any given moment because of the concrete fact that any other “I” can affirm exactly the opposite at any other moment.
What is critical of all this subject matter is that many people believe that they possess a sense of moral responsibility; yet, they deceive themselves when affirming that they are always the same.”
~ Samael Aun Weor (Revolutionary Psychology, Ch.30 The Permanent Center of Gravity)

The continuity of purpose, permanent center of gravity, and true individuality are important topics to study and to comprehend, in order to advance in our inner work. Without the continuity of purpose, we won’t be able to achieve the goal of Self-realization; to achieve this goal it is essential to create the permanent center of gravity in the consciousness. The problem is that, unless the inner work is carried out, the center of gravity fluctuates between the personality and the egos, because these are the components of the psyche from where most people live their lives. It is no wonder that this is the case considering that most of our consciousness is trapped in the egos, so it is only by gradually dissolving the egos that we can create a true individuality and the permanent center of gravity.

It has already been said many times in various spiritual teachings that the human being is not individualized within, but consists of many “I’s”, or egos, each of which has its own agendas and interests. We begin to see this multiplicity when we start looking within, when we observe our five psychological centers where thoughts, emotions, instincts, drives and impulses manifest. Before that point we may think that we are individualized, but we are not. It’s unlikely that we were even aware, in a proper sense, of what consciousness really is. However, in seeing that, there is an important recognition – we understand our position and what we need to do to transform ourselves inwardly. As the inner work is being done, we increase the consciousness, build or activate the solar bodies, and move closer and closer towards true individuality. We can say that the latter is when our consciousness is so active that it starts to be in charge of the human machine. The egos are still there too, but we have liberated the consciousness to the point that it is always constant and present. We rest in it and know that this is what it means to be individualized.

Somewhere along the way, as the consciousness is growing in size, we begin to form the permanent center of gravity in the consciousness. This happens because of our constant effort to do the inner work from moment to moment – doing practices of self-remembrance, self-observation, and mystical death. In this way our attention is gradually transferred from the egos and personality into the consciousness. This transference is strengthened by the practices of mystical and transformational meditation, transmutation, astral travel etc. In fact, the more we feed on the things of the spirit, the easier it is to stay in the consciousness and to be persistent with the inner work. It is at about the point of reaching the 20% of free consciousness that we have the permanent center of gravity fully and truly established, because then the consciousness expands beyond the head and is no longer bound by the mind, i.e. the mind is no longer the cage from which we couldn’t get out of and in which the egos that use the mental matter were tormenting us, and thus we can be centered in the consciousness with greater ease.

“It is normal that not all people achieve intimate Self-Realization. We know very well that the intimate Self-Realization of our Being demands continuity of purpose. Therefore, it is not strange that only very few people can attain the profound inner Self-Realization, since it is very difficult to find someone with a permanent center of gravity.
What is normal in this subject matter is for someone to become enthusiastic for the esoteric work and then to abandon it. What is strange is for someone to not abandon the work and to reach the goal.”
“(…)We can become solar humans only by working on ourselves with true continuity of purpose and a complete sense of moral responsibility. This implies the total consecration of our existence to the esoteric work on ourselves.”
~ Samael Aun Weor (Revolutionary Psychology, Ch.30 The Permanent Center of Gravity)

Throughout his teachings, Samael Aun Weor repeats again and again that we cannot be like fickle people if we wish to achieve full awakening, that we have to dedicate ourselves to the inner work and not be like a butterfly going from flower to flower, from one spiritual school to another. We can achieve this if we have a continuity of purpose, because then we know exactly what we want, and we know how we can achieve it. It all comes down to having the permanent center of gravity in the consciousness, because if we have that, it means that we live life consciously, based in the consciousness, and not mechanically from the egos. This also means that we love the inner work, that we are centered in it, just like we are centered in the consciousness when we reach that state. Once there, we can still be swayed in the duality of the egos, but we always gravitate back towards the consciousness and the inner work.

“The sad part of all this is that we do not possess true individuality. If we had a permanent center of gravity we would then truly work seriously in order to achieve the solar state.
There are so many excuses in these matters, so many evasions, so many fascinating attractions, that it usually becomes almost impossible to comprehend the urgency of the esoteric work.
Nevertheless, the small amount that we have in free will and the Gnostic teaching oriented towards practical work can serve as a basis for our noble intentions in relation to the solar experiment.”
~ Samael Aun Weor (Revolutionary Psychology, Ch.30 The Permanent Center of Gravity)

The solar experiment that Samael refers to here is the highest purpose of life in the material plane – to become an awakened being. The small amount of free will is enough to begin the inner work and to build up consistency and strength through continuous work on the expansion of consciousness. Each real effort in this direction brings enormous results because with each small amount of liberated consciousness we have at our disposal spiritual qualities that are part of that free essence. This gives us renewed strength, connection with divinity, heightened alertness, deeper awakeness, better functioning of the chakras, and eventually, depending on our inner work that we carry out, we also receive the benefits of having the risen Kundalini and the incarnation of the parts of the inner Being.

Therefore, to have true individuality and the permanent center of gravity in the consciousness does not have to be a distant and unclear future, as long as we do what is necessary to do in order to move in that direction.

HDP, May 2021.

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