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To Do Whatever it Takes

Reaching self-realization of the Being is not a small thing, it is not something which one day we become interested in and accomplish simply because we have that interest. In this epoch, we can get anything we want of this world by simply having an interest in it, provided we have the means to buy it. However, self-realization, the full awakening of the consciousness, is something very different. Everything is born of an interest, but if we are to achieve spiritual heights, this interest needs to become an inner fire that always makes us have in our sight that spiritual goal, that height that we aspire to. The above-mentioned fire is the yearning of the Being that became ablaze by us listening to the initial impulse that kindled interest in spiritual development, and by doing what it had told us to do. It often happens that this impulse is very weak amidst the shouting of incessant thoughts and emotions that come from the subconscious mind. For many people, it takes a lot to hold on to that impulse and develop it into that above-mentioned fire that guides us from ignorance to knowledge, and from darkness to light.

Most that attempt reaching spiritual heights fail because they do not do what it takes to reach them, instead becoming content with small insights and victories and continue living their life according to nature’s course. In other words, spirituality becomes no more than an interest or a hobby. And it doesn’t matter much if that interest have more importance than other interests in our life, because it is still an interest in life instead of a way of life. Many make of it a profession as well, creating of it even larger importance, but none of this matter for self-realization of the Being, because as long as we live our life as nature takes us, i.e. going downstream the river of life, we won’t do what it takes to reach heights. It is important to understand that the self-realization of the Being and the way of nature are different. The latter is a cyclical process of life and death, always aligned with what is in the best interest of nature, whereas the former is the path of continuous liberation and integration with divinity.

Therefore, one must comprehend what is needed to sacrifice to progress on the Path; what egos, habits, norms, customs, morals, ways of thinking, feeling and acting, etc. are holding us back from reaching the next initiation, from reaching higher levels of consciousness. Such information comes to us in the form of direct cognizance as we do the inner work properly and prioritize the consciousness in every moment, without compromises. This means to continuously die to the false within us (the egos) so that the true and real can BE. And like that the information comes to us, informing us of what we should do to reach the next level, the next test, the next initiation.

Sometimes doing what it takes means trusting more that inner voice with which the Being guides us, and being more courageous to make that new step that the voice tells us to do. That voice is for most people a higher type of feeling that seems to be centered in the heart, but with time it becomes more than a feeling and more than a voice, and we understand that it is leading us in the right direction by acknowledging our life circumstances and where we find ourselves in our life. Straying away from it, we see that the result of that is often inertia, failure, and pain. But that trust is developed gradually, with experience and tenacity.

I think it’s important for all of us aspiring to the realization of the Great Work, to ask ourselves if what we are doing is enough; if the level of work we are at right now is sufficient to reach the heights we aspire to, or if maybe we need to give more of ourselves, of our effort, to the Being. We may for instance learn or be told by someone in the know that our current effort may not be enough to reach the aspired height by the end of this lifetime, or we may be told that it will be enough, but it will take quite a number of years, and that if we work harder that it will take us much less time, enabling us to achieve a higher stage. We can discover such information, and that’s a great thing because we then have the work not only as our priority, but as a measurable mathematical reality as well.

HDP, January 2022.

Author: Dario


  1. Hello Dario,

    I stumble across your website while doing some study for an upcoming retreat. You speak well about Gnosis and its clear you’re practicing the teachings. Are you a part of an order? Just reading and practicing the teachings on you own?
    I’ve been and instructor for 12 years in the Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor, teaching physical groups in Australia.

  2. Hi Mick, I’ve been part of esoteric schools before.
    Good luck with preparing for your retreat. I hope you will find here some useful material for preparation.

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