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Creating a Sacred Space as a Help for Your Inner Work

It can be very helpful for the inner work to have a special space dedicated for contemplation, prayer, spiritual practice, and in general for making connection with divinity within and without. You could create such a sacred space inside your home, or in your garden, or somewhere in nature – wherever it may be, it can help with boosting your spiritual life, because it would be a place charged with high energy that would as a result increase the vibration of that particular place, and it
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A Practice Connecting to Beings of Light

The practice that I will describe here is a simple one, though quite powerful and profound. It is using principles of prayer, but it enhances it because it also involves invocation, visualization, pure intention, and sharp focus, in order to connect to beings of light. Such beings have through history been known by many names, such as angels, divine beings, seraphims, archangels, devas, higher beings, etc. People from many different religions petition to them when they are praying, though
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