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War on Spirituality and Consciousness

Many believe that we live in a free world, a world in which we have freedom to choose whatever we wish (within the society’s norms) and that we will be allowed to do that or won’t be criticized because of it. We are taught that in the past things were different, the opportunities were much less due to what was tolerable and what was not; and one of the thing, we are told, that was surely not looked upon with enthusiasm were the spiritual teachings outside the main religions. It is true that today we may have more spiritual directions to choose from, and that none would put us in jail for making that choice (in the Western world at least), but is there still an undercurrent of pressure that is directing public opinion on what is an acceptable form of spirituality and what is not?

The term “war on consciousness” has been used by Graham Hancock, a famous writer on alternative history, to describe the effects of the war on drugs and its consequent results on people’s ability to experiment with alternative states of consciousness by using psychotropic drugs, saying that with such experiences one could arrive to different spiritual insights, and that without them they (people who feel drawn to use this approach to truth-seeking) are cut off from reaching such states. However, the war on consciousness, I would say, has more to do with fear and opinion-shaping that was installed within us from an early age, by those who push the same undercurrent opinions regarding what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to spirituality.

Spirituality as such is an intrinsic part of life for anyone who is open to it and practices it. Depending on their inner preparedness, their karma etc., they may go deeper into it or stay on a superficial level. Most people stay on that superficial or exoteric level of spirituality, but some go deeper and discover that esoteric side of their religions (or some other spiritual teachings) is a mean through which they could achieve their soul potential; they could awaken the consciousness and incarnate their Being (Higher Self). Even though the system that’s in control of the world now may have been initially created to serve the people, it became corrupted and is no longer in the interest of those in charge to have people becoming independent of it. People who are on the Path to awakening become different to normal folks because they begin to see and feel the truth ever more clearly, until one day they incarnate it, and continue to do so. They become self-sufficient as they dwell in the source of their inner divine light and true origin. They see the fallacy in what the system has become, and their independence of thought scares everyone who still depends heavily on the system and its social construct. That is why the spiritual teachings that could lead to true spiritual freedom and enlightenment were always kept in secret in these decadent times, as otherwise there was a risk of being persecuted. These occult or esoteric teachings explained the mysteries behind myths and legends of the world, often relating them with spiritual potentials and specific things that can be done to realize it. No wonder the establishment never looked favorably upon such knowledge, though they themselves were very aware of it.

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.” ~ Matthew 23:13

They were/are aware of it and knew of the techniques, though themselves (besides some exceptions), preferring the world, were/are not ready to walk on the Path. They are the guardians of the mundane; they create public opinion through spreading fear, half-truths and lies, and like this we have the world in which esoteric teachings can be easily found, but are discouraged to be practiced, and those who practice them are frowned upon, ridiculed, and sometimes worse.

The world is not free. The human thought is not free. The war upon spirituality has not ended a few centuries ago. It is still as pervasive as ever, if not more so due to the presence of the media. When the mainstream media (the crucial tool of the system) wants to discredit something, it has a specific way of doing so, and an unsuspecting victim fall for it, trusts in it and has hatred towards whatever or whoever the media is bashing, and the pattern of the media to do so is by portraying it in negative light, presenting only small facts and often turning them upside down. The media is an important tool to control the public opinion, through which the system can then mobilize people in any way they want.

The war on spirituality and consciousness is a lot about preventing those who consider doing the work, who consider developing their consciousness, making them refrain from doing so, and thus keeping them within the shackles of what is standardized in today’s society. Curiously, some of the greatest minds from our history have been all about ‘reaching out for the unknown and inner potential’, and their work was distributed and encouraged by the agents of the system, though when it comes to an actual methodology to awakening, that is ferociously attacked and fear mongered.

Truth and freedom lie outside the dependency on the standardized; it’s when we commence walking the Path that we begin to feel more and more comfortable within ourselves, and then we begin to gravitate towards and rest in the truth.

HDP, May 2022.

Author: Dario

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