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The Gnostic Mystery of Lucifer and its Esoteric Meaning

A lot has been spoken about Lucifer, a lot of fear has been conjured up by the name that has been associated with the anthropomorphic Satan throughout the Christian history. Outside the esoteric circles, very little or nothing is known about the true meaning and purpose of the aspect that is so relevant for the self-realization of the Being.
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The Role of Doubt in Spiritual Development

Doubt has its role both in the mundane and spiritual life. Regardless of its source, it is there to steer us away from a danger, to make us question, or to create an opportunity so that we can learn more about ourselves. In the spiritual work, many students are often assailed by doubt, making them question if the spiritual path is the right for them, and if the esoteric topics one learns are true. As today’s upbringing and education often have very little to do with discovering one’s true
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True Happiness Emerges from Spiritual Progress

One of the most elusive things that everyone wants to have, is happiness. Many believe that happiness is the result of having a good job, good family, social status, friends, travels, acquisition of things etc., only to discover that even with all of that, they are not as happy as they thought they would be. Often time, people confuse temporary contentment or pleasure with happiness, or create an idea of happiness that is not always accurate. To be temporary content in life is one thing, to
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How to Measure Spiritual Progress

Measuring one’s own spiritual progress when doing the inner work is not only something that can be achieved, but it is encouraged to do so. However, because spirituality is seen as an abstract subject, it is often assumed that a spiritual progress cannot be measured in a concrete way, and that the only way to attempt something of that sort is by some vague observations, or perhaps even being content with not measuring it all, when spirituality is approached as a kind of a belief system.
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