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Looking into ‘Spiritual’ Arrogance

Pride has many ways to manifest itself, and one of them is through interest in spirituality. Unfortunately, a lot of folks don’t really notice that this is happening within them, because their idea of the inner work is a water-down version of that which the inner work actually is, or the knowledge of it is simply lacking all together. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see the same interplay of egos when meeting people with an interest in spirituality. The same interplay, though often
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Not Questioning a Spiritual Authority Can Lead to Fanaticism and Failure

A psychological trait that can be found in every spiritual tradition is a tendency to accept the words of the spiritual authority of that tradition as being always right. Of course, not all followers of such authorities do that, but it seems that the majority does. In some traditions this problem is emphasized and encouraged to work upon, whereas in others not much (or at all) is spoken about it. Not being aware of this psychological trait, or not being willing to work upon it when
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