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A Reflection on Buddha’s Advice to do Charity if one cannot do the Work

The real road is the Path that takes us deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the Being, into the inner and outer reality. To make progress on it, there is a lot that one needs to change in one’s life, a lot to sacrifice and a lot to replace. One’s life has to become centered around that higher goal, otherwise the life devours us, and we become detached from a deeper spirituality.
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Not Questioning a Spiritual Authority Can Lead to Fanaticism and Failure

A psychological trait that can be found in every spiritual tradition is a tendency to accept the words of the spiritual authority of that tradition as being always right. Of course, not all followers of such authorities do that, but it seems that the majority does. In some traditions this problem is emphasized and encouraged to work upon, whereas in others not much (or at all) is spoken about it. Not being aware of this psychological trait, or not being willing to work upon it when
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Seriousness in the Work

It is useful in our inner work to occasionally step back and reflect on how we are doing, to see if we are still moving in a proper and optimal way towards the spiritual goals that we have set for ourselves. If this is not done, life could easily consume us, and we would go about our day believing that we are making progress, when in fact very little or no change at all is occurring within.
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Guru Yoga Practice – Gnostic Approach

Not long ago I had a chance to read a book that was about an esoteric practice, as seen in the context of Tibetan Buddhism. One of the practices that was mentioned in this book is called Guru Yoga. It is a type of meditative practice that entails bringing in a high ideal and putting it in front of you. I heard about Guru Yoga term even before that, but in the context of invoking a spiritual teacher.
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Reflection: To Be Given Another Chance

In context of the inner work, meditate on the following hypothetical situation: Imagine that you are 85 years of age, lying on your deathbed. You don't have much more to go, but enough time to reflect on your life. You see how things went, the ups and downs. You see yourself at one point of your life doing the inner work. Perhaps the memory of happiness and joy overwhelms you, the happiness that you had when you were living a spiritual life and when you were walking towards your Being. You
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Everything passes

Not long ago I have read a transcript of a talk of Samael Aun Weor in which he, among other things, writes about the passing of things in this world. Even though I already have a certain undertanding of how we shouldn’t react to things when we find ourselves in situations that seems endless, I was still touched by his childhood story:
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