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The Values of Society and the Values of the Being

Since the very early age of our life, we start going through a conditioning process, where our mind is being shaped based on the norms of society. The first people in our life who do that are obviously our parents, who have gone through the same process and have their mind shaped and molded in the way to fit the society’s frames. Besides our parents, our mind has been heavily shaped by our peers, the education system, and various other institutions that we have encountered and had to deal with in the scope of our growing up. By the time we reach adulthood, our mind is completely aligned to the values, norms and frames of society, conditioned in thinking that everything within those norms is good, and everything outside it is bad or, to use the word that’s been used a lot today, fringe. Nobody wants to be fringe or a misfit, so we keep our thoughts, actions and behaviors within what is accepted by society.

The consciousness, being trapped in the mind, is destined to remain in its shackles and be a slave to its conditioning, just like a prisoner who is bound to the suffering imposed upon him in the prison, and who perhaps does not even know that he is in a prison. The small percentage of our free consciousness is conditioned by what the mind has been formed into, and can only act in a very small way out of its own volition, as long as it is imprisoned by the mind, the personality, and the ego.

We live in a society that has, to a great extent, lost the values of the Being, has lost the spiritual values, and has instead adopted the values of the worldly and the natural. The latter refers to everything that has to do with the world, its problems, its rules, and everything else that goes with it. Any talk about higher things of life are, in this society, met with resistance and seem out of place. It is a society that has prioritized the horizontal line of life, instead of the vertical.

The mind of this society has been shaped to be grounded to the earth, and to avoid contemplating anything else except the things of the earth. Ironically, despite this great effort from society to bound us to materialism and blind belief systems that has nothing to do with reality and truth, the genius men and women throughout the history who have done the most to elevate humanity were all thinking and acting outside the shackles of the mind; they were those who questioned things from early age and reached various degrees of inner and outer freedom.

The values of the Being are much different – they are spiritual principles that are eternal, not susceptible to changes based on the norms of society. And because they are not flexible, they are not accepted by most people whose idea of right and wrong can change based on wordly trends, especially in these times in which we live for the past 70 or so years. If we live based on true spiritual values, which by the way is not something we learn from someone else (unless they are learned from an incorruptible source), but rather that we know from the heart what those are by living life centered in the consciousness, it means we are aligned to divine law – the law that is eternal and non-changing – the law of the Absolute.

As in the esoteric sense we live in a society that is spiritually fallen – that has embraced materialism as the most important thing of value in life, that is detached from their inner Being and thus is spiritually empty – it is not surprising that those who live based on spiritual values wouldn’t generally be liked in this society. And it doesn’t really matter that we have many religions who supposedly value that which is spiritual, because religions have been corrupted too, and most or all of their leaders are also fallen and empty within. When I say empty, I mean without the inner Being, without the divine fire that truly gives us life. And as such society only has a fallen consciousness that lives asleep among the multitude of the ego, it is not surprising that it sees as obstacle anyone who is not empty, who has their Being within, and who wants to elevate humanity without any hidden agendas, who is not prone to corruption. Many of such men and women who have existed throughout the history have been killed or exiled.

When we begin to live our life based on the principles of the inner work, which obviously comes spontaneously by us doing such a work, then we begin to live more aligned to the divine law. This then attracts higher beings towards us who want to help us to ascend and free ourselves from our fallen state and the fallen state of this world, understanding that we need their help as becoming free in the environment of this time is not easy. The more effort we put in, the more we move on the Path of Initiations and consequently the more we raise our vibration and incarnate various parts of the Being. This then makes us be exponentially more aligned to divine law and its goodness. Living in this way goes opposite to the values and norms of society, as the latter, bound to its materialistic values and ambitions, is far detached from the spiritual, and this detachment ultimately leads to its self-destruction.

It is only by living with the consciousness awakened in the moment, striving to self-realize, that we begin to remember who we really are, and it is this remembrance that goes hand in hand with the activation of the qualities and the virtues of the Being – the elements without which we cannot move far in our awakening.

HDP, February 2022.

Author: Dario

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