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The Two Lines of Life

“A higher Level of Being is directly above us from moment to moment. It is not in any remote horizontal future but here and now within our own selves, on the Vertical.”

~ Samael Aun Weor

One of the most important teachings passed down by Samael Aun Weor, is that which speaks about the two lines of life – the horizontal line and the vertical line. There is a short chapter dedicated to it in the book Revolutionary Psychology, and he also refers to it in other places as well. It is well known in esoteric schools that life, from the point of view of the spiritual work, can be narrowed down to everyday mundane life (which represents the horizontal line) and the spiritual life (the one that is lived inwardly by applying the efforts to awaken). This latter line of life is the vertical line.

The horizontal line of life includes our life as it unfolds from day to day: our childhood, education, career, struggles, joys of life, ups and downs, establishing home and family, financial worries, planning, and everything else that we experience in life that is lived as it happens from beginning until the end. Majority of people go through notions of life, living it impulsively and reacting to it emotionally and mentally, without much consciousness of themselves, or the whys and hows.

The vertical line of life is for those who are interested and have enough willpower to apply the necessary efforts to ascend up the ladder of spiritual advancement, the ladder of the Being (also referred to as the Jacob’s ladder). The vertical line crosses the horizontal line at every moment of our life, if we remember ourselves and if we do the spiritual work on ourselves from moment to moment. In this way, the two lines of life form a cross – within the horizontal line the events of our life take place, but we use those and the time we have for spiritual growth. In this way we are ascending up the vertical line of life, up the ladder of the Being.

In every moment we have the choice of simply living our life for the sake of existing, just like other organisms do, or we can do something in order to transform ourselves from the state we are in into something higher. To do this, it is necessary to first wake up consciousness (divine spark that is our true nature). By having it awake from moment to moment, and by self-observing inwardly in order to discover our defects and by liberating our trapped consciousness from it, we start the climb up the ladder of the Being, up the vertical line of life.

In this way, our horizontal line of life is infused with something that we will carry with us beyond this life, with something that is beyond time. In every circumstances of life, we have opportunity to make this cross out of the two lines of life, to ascend into the peace and happiness that our Being can give us, if we remember ourselves from moment to moment and know how to eliminate our defects. By so doing, we become more conscious and we live life intelligently, because inside the consciousness that is trapped in a psychological defect is an intelligence that becomes available to us, including other qualities of the Being.

“On the “Marvelous Ladder,” on the Vertical, the concept of time does not fit in. On the rungs of such a scale we can only find Levels of Being.”

“What counts is the Level of Being, and this is Vertical. We are on a rung, but we can climb to another rung.

“The “Marvelous Ladder” of which we are talking about and which concerns the different Levels of Being certainly has nothing to do with linear time.”

“The Levels of Being are not of time. Since the Being himself is not of time, He has nothing to do with the Horizontal Line. He is found within our own selves, now, on the Vertical.”

~ Samael Aun Weor

Therefore, it is important to understand that the horizontal line of life has its beginning and its end, and by itself it will not bring us the inner transformation that we seek. An effort is needed for the latter to happen, and this is possible by starting our climb up the “Marvellous ladder”.

H.D.P. October 2019.

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