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The Values of Society and the Values of the Being

Since the very early age of our life, we start going through a conditioning process, where our mind is being shaped based on the norms of society. The first people in our life who do that are obviously our parents, who have gone through the same process and have their mind shaped and molded in the way to fit the society’s frames. Besides our parents, our mind has been heavily shaped by our peers, the education system, and various other institutions that we have encountered and had to deal
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Reflection: To Be Given Another Chance

In context of the inner work, meditate on the following hypothetical situation: Imagine that you are 85 years of age, lying on your deathbed. You don't have much more to go, but enough time to reflect on your life. You see how things went, the ups and downs. You see yourself at one point of your life doing the inner work. Perhaps the memory of happiness and joy overwhelms you, the happiness that you had when you were living a spiritual life and when you were walking towards your Being. You
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Spiritual Ways to Dealing With Worry

To worry is a common thing within the human being. We worry so much, almost all the time. Worry can be related to everything in life, but it tends to be strongest when it comes to things that are related to ones own survival. We constantly worry about so many things. For example, what others think of us occupy a strong place in the mind, and it is a worry directly related to pride. All of the worries have their roots in one ego (subconscious inner state, a defect) or another. Worry itself
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