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Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition: A Gateway To Higher Knowledge

Imagination, inspiration and intuition are all faculties or states related to that which is the highest within us - the Spirit. In several of his books, Samael Aun Weor has spoken about imagination, inspiration and intuition as something that goes together, or that is tied to one another when looking at it from the point of view of higher knowledge. From his explanation, we can deduct that the first degree of knowledge is imaginative (or clairvoyant) knowledge, but that this type of
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Meditation with Mantra GA-TE: Knowing the Mysteries Hidden in (Ancient) Art

In his book The Mysteries of the Mayas, Samael Aun Weor has written about an interesting approach for receiving esoteric information about symbols hidden in art, sculpture, or a sacred site. The book speaks a lot about symbols related with spiritual awakening, found all over the ancient sacred site of Copán, Honduras. This ancient site of the Maya is known as one of the richest with Mayan artistic sculptures, altars, and symbolic carvings in general.
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Advice from Master Kuthumi to the Aspirants for the Path

In his book The Masters and the Path, a Theosophist Charles W. Leadbetter has included an interesting and important message from master Kuthumi in regards to walking on the Path to awakening. This master is known in the esoteric circles as one of the most prominent masters of the non-physical organization called the Brotherhood of Light, and who together with all other masters of that organization works on the spiritual evolution of humankind.
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Spontaneous Practice in India: Meditation in Space

Last year I was traveling in India, visiting many of the interesting places with temples and heightened energy. There are many religions in India, and people practicing them are co-existing peacefully with one another. The spiritual energy permeating many of the places in India has attracted spiritual seekers for centuries, and being there last year for the first time I glimpsed as to why that is so. Such a long tradition of spiritual activity has left tangible charge to the country, and
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Exercise of Retrospection – A Powerful Tool That Can Change Your Life

An exercise of retrospection is a powerful tool. With it we gain self-knowledge, insights, and understanding about our behavior and subconscious defects or egos (things such as anger, fear, pride, lust etc.) that have manifested during the day but have gone unnoticed, and as they go unseen they are controlling our lives. As it is said, 'Life is a series of events'.
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