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Is Truth One, or Many?

“What is the truth” is one of the main objective of spiritual quest throughout millennia; every spiritual seeker is searching for the truth about life, death, oneself, reality etc. We could say that everyone is seeking for deeper questions of life, regardless if they are of a religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheistic mindset, though the strength of the inner impulse that makes one question is of a different intensity, just like the work for self-realization varies from one person to another.
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Meditation on a Spiritual Being to Connect with their Strength and Energy

A great way to receive an extra strength in the time of need, is to focus or meditate on a spiritual being. It may be that sometimes we lack strength, will or inspiration to continue working on ourselves; this may come about for many reasons, such as karmic, making wrong decisions, slacking with maintenance of an optimal inner level etc.; whatever it is, we have to return to ourselves and give our all in the work; give our all in striving for the work to become a fully integrated part of
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Don’t Close the Door to Truth

The Buddha told a story to his monks: “A young widower was devoted to his little son. But while he was away on business, the whole village was burned to the ground by bandits, who took away the little boy. When the father returned and found only ruins, he was brokenhearted. He thought that the charred remains of an infant was his own child, so he organized a cremation, collected the ashes, and carried them always in a special bag.
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Heroes, by Rumi

Does any artist paint for the sake of the picture itself, without the hope of offering some good? No, but for the sake of  the viewers and the young who will be drawn by it and freed from cares. Or does any potter hastily throw a pot or a bowl without any thought of what it will hold? Does any calligrapher write for the script alone without any regard for the reader?
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The Water We Seek

The eye or the spirit that focuses on the transient falls on its face wherever it goes. Someone who focuses on the distance, without knowledge, may see far, but just as we do in a dream.
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