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The Role and Purpose of an Esoteric School in Spiritual Awakening

In this age of information, discussions about whether a spiritual school or group is necessary for awakening are not uncommon. There are many who wonder how important it is to be in such an organized environment when it comes to spiritual development. It seems to me that majority of people in spiritual circles still prefer a group or school learning environment, though more and more people adhere to the mindset of not taking part in any group, but rather studying alone and creating one’s
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Preparing for and Benefiting from a Mystical Night

In the Gnostic work, life and its diverse aspects are used for the awakening of consciousness. It is well known to anyone interested in the Gnostic-esoteric work, that this work entails using daily life in order to study one’s own psychology, to die to the egos, to develop concentration etc. And just like the day can be used for the spiritual work, so too can the night be used for the same purpose. The most basic way for that would be by doing a dream yoga exercise in which intention is
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Self-Discipline and its Relation to Spiritual Progress

There are several qualities that need to be applied successfully in order to enter the path of the initiations, some of them are spiritual aspirations, patience, seriousness about the work etc. Each of the components that are necessary have their place in the “building up of the soul”, and so it does self-discipline. It is not uncommon to see people that enter an esoteric school with great enthusiasm and zeal, starting out with practices and asking a lot of questions, but eventually this
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Heroes, by Rumi

Does any artist paint for the sake of the picture itself, without the hope of offering some good? No, but for the sake of  the viewers and the young who will be drawn by it and freed from cares. Or does any potter hastily throw a pot or a bowl without any thought of what it will hold? Does any calligrapher write for the script alone without any regard for the reader?
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