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Meditation on a Spiritual Being to Connect with their Strength and Energy

A great way to receive an extra strength in the time of need, is to focus or meditate on a spiritual being. It may be that sometimes we lack strength, will or inspiration to continue working on ourselves; this may come about for many reasons, such as karmic, making wrong decisions, slacking with maintenance of an optimal inner level etc.; whatever it is, we have to return to ourselves and give our all in the work; give our all in striving for the work to become a fully integrated part of our life, just like breathing is, so that we can die in each moment and die well. Meditating on a spiritual being is something that could aid our already established daily efforts.

When I say a spiritual being, I mean a spiritual master who has reached a significant inner level, and as a consequence has a powerful Being that is large and that irradiates great strength, power and love. It doesn’t really matter if that spiritual being is alive in the physical body at this point in time, or if he lives in a higher dimension, or even in the Absolute – that doesn’t really matter. What is important is that we connect with that source of strength through meditation and ask him or her for help.

An essence that reached self-realization has incarnated their Being. This is something that happens in stages. The Being is large, having many parts, which is why we could receive strength from someone’s Being even if they don’t have their Being fully incarnated, but only have parts of it. There are masters in various dimensions at different levels of development. A fully awakened master does not necessarily equal a greater source of strength than a master that is not yet fully awakened, because there could be a vast difference in the esoteric history of their Monads i.e. they could be at different levels, different esoteric age, despite their current achievement. For this reason, when we do a meditation of this type we have to choose a being that resonate with us personally.

There are many great beings in and around our planet, the solar system, the galaxy etc., powerful beyond our comprehension. Some of them are mentioned in sacred texts, others in a more esoteric literature, and yet many others have not been mentioned at all. The Being of every self-realized master is performing a role in the economy of the Absolute, each of them has a mission and specific function that is related to their inner ray and esoteric history. There are beings that administer karma, healing, constructing and maintaining sectors of the universes, overseeing the evolution of races; some are regents or rulers of planets, solar systems and constellations, others have the function of guardians, envoys, ambassadors and helpers in many realms and Universes, etc. Each of those Monads has a degree of responsibility, power, wisdom and knowledge, and many of them are helping those people who strive to awaken.

We can of course also meditate on our own inner Being and ask him for help, but we do not have to limit ourselves to only that because great is the power of divine beings who together work for the furthering of Divine Plan, and great is their longing to help those who wish to become divine beings themselves.

When we do such meditation, it is good to know the name of the spiritual being that we are meditating on. We don’t necessarily have to know it, especially if we have seen him or her in a vision or in a higher plane and can thus focus on their energy. The same is true if we want to connect with the ruler of certain planets, solar systems or constellations – in those cases it is enough to focus on that area and with prayer and intention find our way into presence of those beings. However, in sacred texts and esoteric books we have been given the names of many sacred individuals upon whom we could meditate; beings such as Uriel, Rafael, Michael, Gabriel, Zachariel, Orifiel, Anael, Aroch, Metatron, Anubis, Sanat Kumara/Melchizedek (also known as the King of the World), Samael, Abaramento (Yeshua Ben Pandira/Jesus), Vishnu, Odin, Ra, just to name some of them. It is important to try and connect only with those with whom your soul resonates, because that intuitive pull towards this or that spiritual master can very well be related to your own inner Being’s guidance.


There are various ways to approach this practice, again, based on what resonates with you. I will describe a way based on my own experience and guidance. First, we should approach this exercise in the same way as when preparing to enter a sacred temple – with respect and intelligence. Approaching a higher being in meditation is different to making a petition in your prayer to all the higher beings that can hear you; it is more intimate and personal experience that could be transformational and a start of a beautiful friendship, as long as you are sincere, have pure intention and in daily lives and are working on having your heart pure too.

We start the meditation with prayer to our inner Father to connect us with the spiritual being we want to meditate on, and to prevent any influence that is not in our best spiritual interest.

We continue with placing ourselves in the state of relaxation, and then quiet down the mind with a technique of one’s choice, such as concentrating on the breath or a mantra or anything else that works for you and that is neutral i.e. that doesn’t stimulate associations that would distract you from this practice.

Once the mind is silent, and we are centered in the consciousness (which by now should be felt prominently within), we can bring forth the association that would connect us with the spiritual being, be that their name, location, energy, intuitive feeling or whatever else we have, the important thing is to hold onto that and focus on it with intention to enter into interaction with that being. (Only focus in an energy that you feel is of a higher source; never in the one that doesn’t feel right).

You will notice that the more you stay focused in this energy, the more powerful and all encompassing it will become. When in that state of consciousness, you can ask for what you need, for spiritual help, or help with things in daily life, or you can ask direct questions, etc. If you ask a question, the answer may or may not come in a direct way, depending on your psychic ability and the decision of the master; the answer may come later in daily life, or in a dream. When in such state of consciousness where you feel this great connection, you can ask for all your bodies to be healed and invigorated, to receive strength that will help you move along the Path, and that you can also use to help others around you.

Once you feel the meditation has reached its end, decide to use well the help you received, and to keep your energy high in your daily life, having it stored in your reservoir of energy that you could draw from in the time of need.


Connecting with a spiritual being in this way is a powerful form of approach; we should use it respectfully and wisely. If we are not yet ready to approach divine beings with respect and meaningful reasons, it is better not to approach them like this, but only through prayer.

It is not uncommon that we do not always reach the spiritual being we want to connect with, but instead are given what we require from another source, whether that be our own Being or other spiritual masters. Nonetheless, through this practice we learn even more to develop the conscious faith and trust in divinity, knowing that we can connect with that source at any time we wish, and can receive the spiritual help we need.

HDP, December 2021.

Author: Dario

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