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On Receiving Help From Spiritual Masters

When someone starts their spiritual journey, they will sooner or later discover that existence is multidimensional, that there are beings living in other realities and not just in this material world. Many of such beings are very spiritually advanced, and their wish is to help humanity to realize the goal of spiritual unfoldment. There are many spiritual masters and beings who stay in different dimensional layers of our planet and are very willing to help us in our lives, regardless if we are on the path to liberation or not. After all, life in this material reality is not easy, paying karma is not easy, and therefore many people need guidance and some kind of light to shine on their way. Many express this need through a prayer, and a lot of time the help is given.

When we are on the path to liberation, we get a lot of help too, both from our Being and from many spiritual masters. The help is then more precise, even though we can still ask for a lot of things that we need, but the masters then work more closely with us, and are more willing to help us so that we climb up on the ladder of the Being in order to reach higher and higher states of consciousness. But to receive their help, we need to be able to ask for it, to “knock on the door” with honesty and with yearning for achieving the goal of dissolution of egos, of reaching joy and of incarnation of divinity within our souls. When our goals are thus noble, then the masters are always close to us, always attentive to our spiritual needs.

We also need to make the first step. This means that it is not enough to just ask sincerely for help, it is also necessary to start walking towards that goal that we asked to be helped with. For example, when we struggle with overcoming an ego or a certain obstacle, it is important to ask our inner Being and the masters for help with it, but we also have to make steps to meet them half way. This means that we have to continue dying to those egos, and applying an effort to learn more about them through self-observation and by taking additional steps for which we know could help us, such as meditation, going on a retreat etc. When such approach is taken, then we are fulfilling that famous maxim of wisdom that states. “God helps those who help themselves”.

Many people when seeing that they are not receiving help that they expected to get, of the type and form that they felt should have come, they get disheartened and slip down in their inner work, feeling justified to do it, and sometimes even blaming divinity for such action, because the help that they were expecting did not arrive. This is not the right approach to deal with a problem; it not right to blame those who are helping us simply because the way they work does not conform to our expectations, to our own view of reality, and especially so when we have not even tried to meet them half way, when all we have done is asked and then waited.

There are of course times when help does arrive without us doing anything else except asking for it, when we gather a sufficient amount of “cosmic capital”, of good merits, or it has simply come as a result of learning or building up faith in them. There are many of such cases in our spiritual journey. In example from my life, when I was visiting certain sacred sites in India, I felt it is a good idea to ask divinity before arriving to new towns to be guided to an accommodation that would be suitable for our spiritual investigations. It was amazing to witness time and time again the guidance received in this regards.

However, the help that could be received when someone is on the path and works to climb to higher and higher rungs of the ladder of the Being is very palpable and goes a long way. Then we know that the masters of wisdom are there with us, giving us help in forms unconceivable to us. We don’t know how they are helping us and what they are doing, because we are lacking in knowledge and perception, but we feel the spiritual help coming. We feel it in the form of an energy, clarity, experiences out of the body, being shown things and having heightened capacity to understand ourselves more and also the world around us. We feel stronger, more capable to free ourselves from our inner enslavement, and having this miraculous energy at our disposal for which we know it came as a blessing, because we sincerely asked for it and have worked hard to get it.

And the more that we work on ourselves spiritually, the more are the spiritual beings interested in us, they want to help us more, they want to give us spiritual gifts that we earned by working hard on ourselves, and because we are unselfishly helping other people too.

Everyone on the path is helped in various ways; there are different types of help for different spiritual levels. For example, when someone incarnates Manas (the Human Soul) on the 5th initiation of the First Mountain, this person would become a bodhisattwa, and the amount of help that they would receive from this point onwards would be much different than someone who is still going through a Probative Path. And a form of help for the latter is again different than someone who is just starting out. The more we intensify our inner work, the more we are helped.

Besides our own inner Being, that we need to work with most closely with in our inner work, there are also many masters that we can try and make contact with through a prayer, or focusing on them in meditation and asking them for help. Some of them are Samael, Aroch, Metatron, Uriel, Rabolu, Anubis, Sanat Kumara, Mikael, Anael….just to name a few. All of them are powerful beings who could help us a great deal.

It seems that spiritual help is always coming through, in one form or another, but we could be helped a lot more by taking steps to higher levels of the path to awakening.

HDP, May 2020.

Author: Dario

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