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The Importance of Sacrifice for Humanity

Helping others to advance spiritually is one of the most important aspects that allows our own advancement on the Path to Awakening. It is such a crucial aspect that if one does not have this as a fully integrated part of their life, their inner progress will be very limited, and will not go at all pass a certain point.
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The Spiritual Work Takes Us Back to Simplicity and Inner Beauty

It is often said that simplicity is a virtue. It is one of the virtues of consciousness that shines through and becomes part of our life, as we eliminate the psychological defects that are the cause for complexities and problems. When we remove those things from our mind and heart, we inevitably become simpler. The type of simplicity that I am referring to here is not the one of those who live an average and simple lives, because these people, although to the outward world they seem
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Self-Discipline and its Relation to Spiritual Progress

There are several qualities that need to be applied successfully in order to enter the path of the initiations, some of them are spiritual aspirations, patience, seriousness about the work etc. Each of the components that are necessary have their place in the “building up of the soul”, and so it does self-discipline. It is not uncommon to see people that enter an esoteric school with great enthusiasm and zeal, starting out with practices and asking a lot of questions, but eventually this
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On Receiving Help From Spiritual Masters

When a person starts their spiritual journey, they will sooner or later discover that existence is multidimensional, that there are beings living in other realities and not just in this material world. Many of such beings are very spiritually advanced, and their wish is to help humanity to realize the goal of spiritual unfoldment. There are many spiritual masters and beings who stay in different dimensional layers of our planet and are very willing to help us in our lives, regardless if we
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