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Humility and Kindness

Humility and kindness are some of many qualities of the spirit that emerge as one grows spiritually. Humility is the quality of the consciousness that arises as pride is being disintegrated. Pride, being such an enormous ego with numerous aspects, will have the trapped essence having the opposite quality once it is liberated with the mystical death - it will be endowed with the quality of humility.
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An Account about Agartha and the King of the World

The kingdom of Agartha (or Agarthi, as some call it), has been stirring the imagination of many explorers, wanderers, occultists, and all sort of folks. There are many books written on the subject, some of their authors narrating a direct experience they had there, such as Willis George Emerson in his The Smokey God. The kingdom of Agartha is said to be located underground, beneath the surface of the earth, and the reason why it’s said that this is possible is because, as it is claimed, the
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Meditation on a Spiritual Being to Connect with their Strength and Energy

A great way to receive an extra strength in the time of need, is to focus or meditate on a spiritual being. It may be that sometimes we lack strength, will or inspiration to continue working on ourselves; this may come about for many reasons, such as karmic, making wrong decisions, slacking with maintenance of an optimal inner level etc.; whatever it is, we have to return to ourselves and give our all in the work; give our all in striving for the work to become a fully integrated part of
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