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Contemplation on Life and the Path

The following is a reflection on life and the Path by a disciple of Samael Aun Weor, who during his years as a teacher used the name of his Being, Lakshmi Daimon.

Brothers and sisters of the path, fellow travelers, learn to contemplate what is around you…

Contemplate life so that you can know it, love it and learn from it…

It only wants you to be as you want to be…

Brother and sister, are you travelers in life?

Have you asked yourselves this question—what are you searching for on this long trip?

Do you believe that you are looking for money, positions or honors?

If you get these, would you be satisfied?

Do you believe that you search for being loved or loving someone on this trip?

If you find someone to love or someone who loves you, will you be satisfied?

On this path you are on you will find many things which perhaps you thought would make you happy, but as the days passed, you realized that this was not so. You asked yourself, “What happened? Where are they? Where did they go?” Perhaps you are encountering more of such things and logically, you might think that now you will be happy; the day may pass, and another deception comes and you, dear traveler, will say, “What pain I feel; I feel deceived with another disillusion.” Maybe you will just be comforted in saying, “This is the will of God. I had this debt to pay and this was inevitable.” In other words, you have reconciled yourself with this suffering.

But the reconciliation does not take away the pain; you are a traveler on this long road of life, but I ask you again, “Where are you going? What are you looking for?”

Have you ever realized that those you meet on the road and accompany you for a while, leave you after a time and disappear?

If you pass in front of a garden full of flowers, and you observe them in their beauty, this will only be for a moment in time because you must continue your journey; perhaps further on, you will come to arid, dry land full of tumbleweed and thorns.

These phenomena will also accompany you for a while because you must continue on your path; further on you might encounter luscious fruit to eat, to calm your hunger and your thirst.

As you can see on your path, this will only be for a little while and logically, you will find the opposite to this; the place where there will be nothing to calm your thirst nor your hunger.

You, dear traveler, cannot stop on your way even if you want to because the very same life we live impedes that. Even though you feel you might want to; even though you are lying down, you are always travelling. What a phenomenon! Truthfully, have you ever comprehended this?

If you do not contemplate the phenomena existing in your life, they contemplate you and all those creatures around you, children of the same Mother Nature. When they see you desperate, they say, “There goes a traveler wanting to win the world with their kingdom and losing his soul.” What a pity! These are your little brothers you are ignoring, but you could not live without them.

Brother traveler, learn to contemplate what is around you; look at that immense tree that during hundreds of years has been in the same spot forming itself; you believe that it is quiet and without movement, but that is not so. It also is a traveler just like you are. It also aspires to reach its goal. The only difference is that your journey goes from the east to the west, from the north to the south and the tree’s journey is from the earth to the sun; the only thing that’s different is the direction of its journey.

That poor animal you find along your path, is also a traveler that has no reasoning nor Consciousness but instinctively, it travels towards that kingdom of nature you find yourself in now; perhaps because of your multiple errors or recklessness, you have never realized that each day is going faster, and you are advancing further on a wrong road that will finally place you on that scale of those who hurriedly travel aspiring to reach the place you hold today.

Contemplate life so that you will know it; don’t look at a plant like just another bush; look at it as the physical body of a creature who, filled with love, reconciliation and comprehension, is also a traveler on that long road of life. It is your sister; it is the daughter of your mother. Don’t kill it. Love it!

That man who starts out on his journey seeking his one and only love; he searches all the pleasures trying to be happy with the riches and the power the world gives just to realize that frustration throughout many lives; he reacts violently against you; contemplate him and realize that you too have been wrong and have never found that right answer. The only difference is the road you are on and the road he is on.

If you observe him, and you criticize his attitude, inevitably, you have fallen onto his road.

Contemplate life; love it; learn from it and consider that the essence of life is your Christ and that the form of life is what you are; what life teaches you, is what you need to know and what you learn from it, is what you want to know.

The mission of life is no more than to give you somewhere to stay and teach you great things without demanding anything in return.

If you want to be good, learn from life; if you want to be bad, learn from life. Life molds itself to your condition. It is very tender. It only wants you to be as you want to be.


~ Lakshmi Daimon, from the New Year Message 1993.

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