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A Revelation on Experiencing the Nature of the Absolute (from Hermetic Tradition)

The body of texts known as the Corpus Hermeticum is one of the most important compilation of Hermetic teachings. They are attributed to a spiritual teacher who among the Greeks was known as Hermes Trismegistus, and as god Thoth among the Egyptians. The texts were apparently written or rewritten in the first centuries AD, during the early Christian era, though because of the assumption that they are much older they were not destroyed like many other texts that came from that time.
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Reflection on the Inner Being

Much has been said about the inner Being, and yet everything that is said remains abstract; that is, it is abstract for those who cannot relate to it in any way, whilst those who have done a degree of the inner work and expanded their consciousness can feel intuitively, at least to a degree, what the Being is about. And those who have it incarnated, know it more profoundly, and yet it still remains a mystery even to them. The reason for this is because of our earthly mind, personality and
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Contemplation on Life and the Path

On this path you are on you will find many things which perhaps you thought would make you happy, but as the days passed, you realized that this was not so. You asked yourself, “What happened? Where are they? Where did they go?” Perhaps you are encountering more of such things and logically, you might think that now you will be happy; the day may pass, and another deception comes and you, dear traveler, will say, “What pain I feel; I feel deceived with another disillusion.” Maybe you will
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