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Feeling Lost on the Journey to the Being

There are times on our inner journey when we might feel lost, when we feel like we do not know which way to go. We might feel that spiritually we are lost, and that something important should take place in our lives that will put us back on track. And so we search for that something, without truly understanding what is taking place on our journey. In essence, everyone who has made contact with their Being through the inner work cannot be spiritually lost in the full sense of the word
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A Dilemma of the Mystical Death: Meditation on an Ego vs. Death in Motion

The teachings that Samael Aun Weor has left us are priceless and extraordinary; one of the reasons for this is the technique for the dissolution of the ego that he elaborated upon extensively in many of his books and public talks. One of his greatest legacy is this length to which he went in order to help people understand what the ego is, what are its intricacies, and how to liberate the trapped essence by eliminating the ego that is conditioning it.
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Gaining Control over Sexual Urge and Lust (Part II)

In the Part One of this article I mentioned some important things that could be considered and worked upon when wanting to deal with overcoming lust and sexual urge. As already mentioned there, lust is a great obstacle to spiritual advancement for many people. The reason for this is because sexual energy as such is the most powerful energy that we have in the body, and lust draws from this energy in order to gain strength and to ultimately feed itself as the result of having us giving in to
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How to Raise your Vibration in a Deep and Permanent Way

One of the topics that comes up often in spiritual circles is about raising one’s own vibratory frequency. Many people are seeing the need to do it, but many more are wondering what that means and how to go about achieving it. All of us are vibrating on our own particular frequency, humans, animals, and all living beings. Humans generally vibrate on a frequency that corresponds to their level of being, which is the result of their past lives actions and consequent learning that came out
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Entering the Threshold of the Path to Liberation

Often time, and for many people, the path to liberation appears elusive, incomprehensible, something that is out there and unreachable for most. It may especially appear so when we discover that many legends and myths of the world refer to stages of this same path, trodden by some famous figures of the past. All of this could be somewhat discouraging, though at the same time inspiring to consider that it might be possible to walk on that path and discover things that have been passed on for
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Your Path and the Path to Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a goal of many people who are interested in spirituality. Many will make a real effort to investigate about what enlightenment is and how to achieve it. Depending on their circumstances and the readiness of their inner Being, the search may take them in different directions and philosophies, such as to Gnosticism, Theosophy, Sufism, various branches of Hinduism or Buddhism , or some more contemporary spiritual branches, such as New Age etc. (just to name a few). There are
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