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Betrayals on the Christic Path and the Purging of the Three Traitors

As it has already been said before, the Path to complete awakening and liberation consists of  three stages, also known as the Three Mountains, and each of these mountains has eight initations. It is on the Second Mountain that the initiate goes through, in a symbolical form and in the internal worlds, the large milestones in the life of the Christ, because inner Christ as a major part of the inner Being occupies the central role on that mountain. The above mentioned  milestones are events
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Winter Solstice and the Birth of Christ Within

Yesterday was the winter solstice, an auspicious time of year when energies of nature are suitable for reflection and meditation in order to arrive to an insight or knowledge that a seeker is after. Winter solstice is a time that ancient cultures of the world have celebrated and have aligned to it many of their sacred sites (or aspects of them) such as the Karnak temple in Egypt, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Glastonbury Tor in England etc. The winter solstice carries a deep significance because
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