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Winter Solstice and the Birth of Christ Within

Yesterday was the winter solstice, an auspicious time of year when energies of nature are suitable for reflection and meditation in order to arrive to an insight or knowledge that a seeker is after. Winter solstice is a time that ancient cultures of the world have celebrated and have aligned to it many of their sacred sites (or aspects of them) such as the Karnak temple in Egypt, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Glastonbury Tor in England etc. The winter solstice carries a deep significance because it is part of the path of the sun that is related to the path of Christ. It is preceding Christmas for a few days, which is the day when Jesus was born, on the 24th or the 25th of December. However, Jesus is not the only one whose life mirrored the path of Christ; there were also others figures throughout history such as Mitra, Krishna, Odin etc. So both the rising sun of the winter solstice and the birth of these figures are symbolic of the birth of the Inner Christ.

Winter solstice is the first day of winter, but also the day when the sun is ‘born again’ by restarting its journey on the sky starting from the faintest (preceding that was the shortest day of the year) and becoming stronger and stronger in the sky. Symbolically it is the time when inner Child is born – a part of our Being. He is born in stable, surrounded by animals (representing our inner defects), but in the loving care of his Father and Mother (the largest parts of that Being/ higher self). It is a grand event when such a thing happens in life of an initiate who walks on the path to awakening, because it signifies that he or she has began a stage in the path from where things become much more intense (spiritually speaking), and when much more is expected of them.

The inner Christ incarnates in a person who has done a substantial amount of the inner work, and then grows with each initiation, filling up more and more of the person as he extends in their spiritual bodies. The Christ Within has been described in many ways – the prince of peace, the spirit of fire, the maximum…It is a provider of a type of peace that is different than one would normally experience before he comes, which is a peace of the inner spark; the essence. This peace of our essence or consciousness can provide stillness and calm, as well as joy. But what Christ gives is different…

Those who arrived to the birth of inner Child have said that it is something very much worth fighting for; a transformative force, a divine light that is more than love as we know it; that its light of peace embraces the person in whom it incarnates; that it is much more than what can be imagined by those who don’t have it.

The Christ within  is born inside an initiate surrounded by their animal nature that is suppressing his emanations. However, as the initiate works on themselves more, persevering on the path towards resurrection (and beyond), inner Christ becomes stronger and incarnates again and again, until its full maturity.

This is the path of the inner Christ, the start of which is symbolized by winter solstice and Christmas, when Child is born in a prepared person – someone who worked on themselves a great deal and who looks at awakening as their Purpose in life; who feels the greatness of their Being and who yearns to experience the mysteries that underlie Creation (and beyond). In such a person the Child is born in order to lift them up with his peace supernal and gives them what they need to march further towards their Being.

I wish everyone a peaceful time this Christmas, and may the energies of Christ Sun fill you up and give you inspiration and increased longing for truth, reality and freedom.

HDP, December 2019.

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