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Liberation from the Laws of Nature as the Goal of the Great Work

The Great Work, referred to as the Magnum Opus by the medieval alchemists, is that which has the ability to transform a human being by inward purging of all that is heavy and low, and by creating the garments of the Spirit, so that within remains that which is true and to, also within, merge with its divine source. A work of such magnitude must have many goals, not just one, but the main ones would be related to things such as knowledge, freedom, peace, happiness etc., all of which could
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Advice from Master Kuthumi to the Aspirants for the Path

In his book The Masters and the Path, a Theosophist Charles W. Leadbetter has included an interesting and important message from master Kuthumi in regards to walking on the Path to awakening. This master is known in the esoteric circles as one of the most prominent masters of the non-physical organization called the Brotherhood of Light, and who together with all other masters of that organization works on the spiritual evolution of humankind.
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Becoming More Inaccessible as Spiritual Level or Responsibility Increases

It is interesting to observe how we tend to carry certain psychological choices from one sphere of live into another, even though such spheres are completely different. One of such psychological aspect is that as we become more successful in life, we become more unavailable to people that we knew and were even friends with before. It is true that sometimes we have to leave old friends from the past if we lose affinity with them or if seeing them is harmful for us, but often time the main
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