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Remorse and Repentance on the Path to Liberation

In his teachings, Samael Aun Weor has mentioned the need to repent as a way of receiving a lot of help from our inner Being and spiritual masters. The act of repentance is also at the foundations of many other spiritual teachings, especially those of the esoteric kind. This act, when true, is not a mechanical way of nature, nor is it something that we can do as part of a religious protocol, but rather it needs to come from deep within us. A true repentance emerges from our essence and
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A Reflection on Buddha’s Advice to do Charity if one cannot do the Work

The real road is the Path that takes us deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the Being, into the inner and outer reality. To make progress on it, there is a lot that one needs to change in one’s life, a lot to sacrifice and a lot to replace. One’s life has to become centered around that higher goal, otherwise the life devours us, and we become detached from a deeper spirituality.
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A Daily Job and Spiritual Endeavour: How to Combine the Two?

The question of combining a daily job with spiritual endeavour is something that comes up a lot, and for a good reason. Often time people feel that their job is taking them away from their spiritual life, and that it is very difficult to simultaneously have both successful career and a successful inner life. It is clear that this society has developed a system in which having to work a substantial amount of time per day plays a big part in people’s lives. Regardless if you live in the East
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Overcoming Lust: How to Gain Control Over Sexual Urge (Part I)

Overcoming sexual urge and lust is for many people one of the most difficult thing on the path to liberation. Majority of people give up the Gnostic work because they keep failing in getting control over sexual urge. The majority gives up already on the Probationary path, without actually managing to reach chastity for a significant period of time. However, there are also many people who feel a lot of longing for achieving self-realization, so they continue despite failing, and many of
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